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Kandi Burruss Reveals the Reason Why She Refuses to ‘Check’ Her Mother Joyce, Despite the Backlash She Faced for Not Standing Up for Her Husband, Todd Tucker

In the past, Kandi Burruss has received massive backlash from fans because she failed to check her mother, Joyce Jones, for public comments the 72-year-old has made about her husband, Todd Tucker.

While attending BravoCon earlier this month, Jones stated that she would have replaced Tucker with a man that has a decent job and that was in Burruss’ financial “realm.” Following those remarks, Jones further shaded Tucker by listing his physical attributes when asked to say nice things about her son-in-law during a different event. 

Kandi Burruss reveals that she doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to her mother, Joyce Jones. Photo:@sway’suniverse/YouTube

On Oct. 26, while appearing on “Sway’s Universe,” Burruss revealed she has yet to learn how to properly address situations with her mother because of how she was raised.

The reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” said at the 12:16 mark, “I never kind of got the hang of what do you do in the mama situation because you know I was raised like your mama is your mama. You can’t cut your mama off. You don’t disrespect your mama. But at the same time, like sometimes you know your parents can push your buttons, you know.”

Burruss further elaborated that despite not fully knowing how to talk about certain things with Jones, she has developed some boundaries. She said, “I guess I’m just like anybody else who is in that situation where I, you know I, would never be disrespectful to my mom. Sometimes you go through your moments where you’ll be like ‘Yeah, I may not call you for a couple of days.’ “

When the podcast host Sway briefly shared his struggles with his mother, Burruss asked, at the 15:40 mark, how he handled those challenges. He responded, while Burruss repeated the same question: “What can you do?”

(L-R): Kandi Burruss and Joyce Jones Photo:@kandi/Instagram

In the interview, Burruss mentioned that she had seen some of the fans’ comments that instructed her to check Jones.

While admitting that she won’t check Jones despite how outlandish her remarks may be, she said, “I see people online ‘It’s time for her to check her mama.’ Check my mama; what’s wrong with you? You don’t check your mama … I do have some friends who have that type of relationship with their parents where they can check them and I’d be like ‘Wow, like y’all do that?’ Yeah but not on my side of my family, like no.”

Toward the end of the discussion, Burruss shared that one reason she refuses to check Jones and be disrespectful to her is because she knows that other family members would get involved.

The Xscape singer said, “My mom is the youngest of 14 kids and all of my aunts and uncles, you know, felt like they was your mama and daddy too …So if I say something to her, that’s out of pocket, they going to come in too. It’s like a whole family gang up. I ain’t got time for that.”

Burruss wrapped up her statement by saying if she and Jones aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on a particular subject, she would typically contact her cousin for help with smoothing things over.

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