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‘The Only Thing Mama Joyce Loves Is Kandi’s Money’: Mama Joyce Shades Todd Tucker Again, Fans Think She’s In Competition with Todd Over Kandi’s Money

Kandi Burruss‘ mother Joyce Jones‘ recent remarks about the reality star’s husband, Todd Tucker have fans convinced that the main reason the 72-year-old doesn’t like her son-in-law is because she’s competing for Burruss’ money.

During a “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” taping at Bravocon in New York City, Jones was asked to name three nice things about Tucker during a game called “Truth or Drink.”

Joyce Jones continues to denigrate Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker during a “Watch What Happens Live” taping. (Photo: “Watch What Happens Live”/YouTube screenshot)

On the Oct. 17 episode, Jones, who was sitting beside Burruss and other Bravo reality television stars, began the list by telling the crowd how short Tucker is. She said, “He’s still short.” Immediately after her comments, Burruss butts in and says, “What?! They said to say nice things, Mom.”

Jones replied, “I thought that was nice… He shaved his beard, some.” Jones ended the list by saying that the last nice thing about Tucker was that he’s nice to his children. She said, “He’s very nice to his kids.”

Following the game, Burruss gave her mother some flak for not correctly naming two nice things about Tucker aside from listing his physical attributes. The 46-year-old said, “The first two, she could have did better.”

Jones wrapped up the clip by telling everyone how well she and Tucker are getting along now despite their strained relationship in the past. She said, “Him and I are getting along much better.”

As fans watched the clip, many concluded that Jones is causing all of this commotion because she was used to Burruss financially providing for her. After marrying Tucker, the Xscape singer may have limited her mother’s expenses.

“Joyce is horrible and addicted to Kandi’s money.”

“Joyce just plays her daughter like a violin. She need to put that woman in a home. Nursing home. Give a tiny stipend a week, that’s it. Kandi being rich was the worse thing that happened to Joyce. She’s one of those family members that would show up on the door step when you win the lottery.”

“The ONLY thing Mama Joyce loves is Kandi’s money.”

“Joyce has made it clear for 12 season that she is ONLY concerned with her daughters money. Kandi is so blinded by her love for her mom that she doesn’t realize she’s always been a meal ticket.”

One particular instance that proved that Tucker disagreed with Burruss’ lavish spending occurred in 2014 after the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star purchased a second home for Jones. At the time of the purchase, Tucker called out his wife for being too soft because she had already bought property for Jones.

Burruss claimed she brought a second home for her mother, a block away from her residence, was to make Jones happy.

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