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‘I Never Slept’: La La Anthony Shares What She Believes Led to the ‘Demise’ of Her Marriage with Carmelo Anthony and Why His Away Games Sparked Concerns of Cheating

It has been nearly two years since actress La La Anthony and NBA player Carmelo Anthony have said they are officially divorcing. The former MTV TV personality finally spoke on what she believed was the demise of her relationship with former hubby in a recent interview. 

Anthony guest starred on a recent episode of Alex Cross’ podcast “Call Her Daddy,” where she discussed her relationship with Carmelo and when things turned sour. 

lala anthony
Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony during happier times. (@lala/Instagram)

About 25 minutes into the podcast, Anthony stated, “I feel like when we moved to New York because we came from Denver at the time, we moved to New York. I’m from New York so being back in New York is nothing new but when we lived here under all of that, that’s when things became complicated.”

She continued, “I think that was kind of the start. Now that I look back, that was kind of the start of the demise of the marriage.” 

Anthony also stated not being able to sleep while her ex-husband was on the road playing at away games due to her thinking infidelity was taking place. 

“I never slept,” Anthony joked while repeating herself, “I never slept, I never slept.”

The 41-year-old also addressed a misconceived notion she thought was true throughout her marriage which surrounded certain cities — such as Miami — being deemed a “problem city.” However, Anthony quickly realized it was the cities she believed weren’t poppin’ that created cheating opportunities.

“Be careful with these other cities that you think don’t have as much going on because those are the ones guys where the s–t is going down!” 

The “Power” actress first filed for divorce from her husband back in 2017 after being with Carmelo for 15 years. 

Once reports surfaced claiming Carmelo had been involved in cheating allegations and had gotten a woman pregnant, their relationship began to hit rocky status.

Although rumors swirled, Anthony decided to take her man back in 2018 and publicized their reconciliation through a sweet Instagram birthday message to him.

However, their reunion didn’t last very long, and she filed for divorce once again and “irreconcilable differences” in 2021 and the pair split for good. 

The Anthony’s may no longer be together, but the “Think Like a Man” actress has confirmed the two have a healthy co-parent relationship with each other as they work together in raising their 15-year-old son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony.

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