‘Nene Was Right’: Andy Cohen Apologizes to Garcelle Beauvais After Receiving Backlash for Dismissing the Actress’ Feelings During ‘RHOBH’ Reunion

Andy Cohen has some explaining to do, at least according to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans.

The 54-year-old received massive backlash last week for dismissing actress Garcelle Beauvais feelings during the second part of the “RHOBH” reunion special.

Nene Was Right': Andy Cohen Apologizes to Garcelle Beauvais After Receiving Backlash for Dismissing the Actress' Feelings During 'RHOBH' Reunion
(L-R): Garcelle Beauvais and Andy Cohen (Photo:@garcelle/Instagram) (Photo:@bravoandy/Instagram)

In the Oct. 19 episode, the cast discussed the infamous photo of Beauvais’ autobiography tossed in the trash by one of her co-stars. Beauvais’ book, “Love Me as I Am,” was released earlier this year.

During the reunion, Beauvais’ “RHOBH” castmate Lisa Rinna admitted that she put the photo of the actress’ memoir in the trash, which Erika Janye ultimately shared in a now-deleted Instagram story.

Rinna’s reasoning behind the event was because Beauvais allegedly talked about her daughter Amelia Hamlin’s eating disorder in the book. Beauvais ultimately denied those accusations.

Following Rinna’s admission, Cohen joked about the ability of the star from “The Days of Our Lives” to recycle. He said, “You took a lot of s–t Erika, for her lack of recycling.” As the conversation continued, the camera panned over to a teary-eyed Beauvais, which led to a social media uproar.

Days following the show, on Oct. 24, Cohen offered an apology to Beauvais on SiriusXM’s show “Radio Andy.”

He said, “Everybody’s been talking about the Beverly Hills reunion. And I just want to say, I’ve been listening to everyone’s feedback about the reunion, and I really need to sincerely apologize, not only for diverting the topic but for not returning—even worse—to the serious conversation that was at hand.”

Cohen added that despite how it appears to fans and on television, he deeply admires Beauvais. He said, “She and I had a really good, productive conversation last Thursday, and I should have been more in tune with her feelings.” The father of two wrapped up his statement by saying, “So, I just wanted to say that because I’ve been logging in, and I get it.”

As Cohen’s remarks began circulating online, many mentioned former Bravo star Nene Leakes’ past comments about the “Housewives” producer and claimed that he only apologized because he was forced to.

“He doesn’t care. He only apologized because of the backlash. I’m starting to believe there’s some truth to what Nene was saying about him and Bravo.”

“You may not like Nene, but a lot of what she’s said has either been proven factual or some truth to it. Andy always treats the other Housewives different than the melanin ones!!”

“He only apologized because of the backlash he’s receiving. Nene was right. Next.”

“Nene been told y’all how Andy do and how Andy roll!! He too busy being friends with these girls he forgets he is a producer. Fire him and Hire a new host!”

“The apology needs to match the disrespect…this little faceless recording is even more disrespectful. I believe everything NeNe said about Andy.”

In April 2022, Leakes sued Bravo Network, Andy Cohen, and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” production for creating a hostile and racist environment for Black women in the workforce.

In the lawsuit, Leakes alleged that she reported instances where her former co-star Kim Zolciak-Biermann made racist remarks toward African-Americans. The former reality star claimed that her unresolved complaints led to her departure from the series in 2020. 

In August, Leakes would ultimately dismiss her lawsuit against Bravo, Cohen and “RHOA” production after a settlement was reached.

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