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‘My Family Was Targeted’: Garcelle Beauvais Talks Racist Treatment She and Her and Family Received During the Last Season of ‘RHOBH’

A Bravo-friendly crowd gathered for the second annual BravoCon over the weekend to meet celebrities and reality stars from the ‘Housewives’ franchise. Garcelle Beauvais reflected over her third season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” during a recent interview with US Weekly. She personally introduced viewers to life with her oldest son, Oliver Saunders and her 14-year-old boys, Jax and Jaid.

Beauvais was questioned about fellow ‘Housewife4’ Diana Jenkins, whom she accused of sending rude messages to Jax.

“RHOBH” star Garcell Beauvais poses with her teenage sons, Jaid on her left and Jax on the right. (Photo: @garcelle/Instagram.)

“Ummm, I wish not to talk about her,” the actress told the reporter before sharing her take on last week’s intense reunion episode. “I’m in a better place but let me tell you it was so hard. Because what cut me to the core is that someone would be that hateful.”

The first Black woman on “RHOBH” said she will continue “investigating” who sent threatening, racist messages to her son. “The Jamie Foxx” star, who joined the franchise in 2020, said she prefers to keep her professional and personal lives separate. “They don’t mix,” declared.

The mom of three then brought up other experiences on the series, including the moment her intoxicated cast mate Erika Jayne cursed at Jax during her birthday party. Critics also had a lot to say about her sons attending an adult birthday party.

“It’s just hard because when I heard somebody say on social media they were like, you know when the thing with Erica and Jax that ‘her kids shouldn’t be at her birthday party.’ And that’s not how I grew up,” the Haitian entertainer explained. “We grew up as a family. I was at my mom’s party and my sister’s. And so the thought of having a birthday party and not having my children there is outrageous to me.”

Beauvais described “RHOBH” season 12 as a “tough season because my family was targeted.” She considered walking away from the series but said that would “satisfy” others anticipating her leave. “So I can’t do that,” the reality star added with a smirk.

Beauvais’ interview was shared on YouTube, where she was praised in the comments. Fans touched on her sons attending her birthday party, while others applauded the classy way she dismissed the reporter’s question.

“A birthday is a family event. The fact people questioned why Garcelle’s children were at their mother’s birthday is outrageous. It’s insane. Garcelle has every single right to be angry upset whatever because the abuse her sons received was abhorrent.”

“Garcelle is right. People don’t get to dictate whether or not you allow your kids to be at YOUR birthday party.”

“Sooo classy! Love how she says I don’t wanna talk about Diana. May her investigation be fruitful.”

“Love Garcelle! I’m so horrified about what happened to her son. Many prayers for her and her family.”

“Garcelle is gracious, with depth, intelligence, empathy, and dignity… a treasure to watch and support. Love that woman and everything she emits.”

During part two of the “RHOBH” reunion, Beauvais addressed the mistreatment of her sons on the Bravo show. She believes Jenkins is responsible for hiring online trolls to verbally attack Jax on Instagram. His comments section was filled with racist messages and others about Saunders’ past drug addiction.

The cast looked shocked when the former “The Real” host shared that Jenkins recently sent her a “threatening text” demanding to remove her name from one of the hateful comments Jax shared on his social media. The comment read, “You’d have your neck kneeled on it if it were for your white daddy. Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you’ll deal with us.” 

Beauvais reminded the cast and reunion host, Andy Cohen, that Jax is a 14-year-old kid who received these “horrendous” messages.

“He’s not thinking, ‘Let me take out Diana’s name, so she’s not implicated.’ He put it out there because he’s fearful,” she explained. “He’s had enough. So Diana thinks we should have taken her name out. When Jax received that, he wasn’t thinking about protecting anybody but himself.”

The 55-year-old became more enraged after cast mate Kyle Richards came to Jenkins’ defense. She got pissed after Richards suggested Jax repost the comments after removing Jenkins’ first name.

“Are you f— kidding me?” she said to Richards. “So you want, in the middle of me trying to protect my child, I have to then come and save all you?! This is outrageous. That’s outrageous to me.”

Cohen then asked about the “threatening text” Jenkins allegedly sent to Garcelle. It said, “Believe me when I say if anything happens to my children you will be held legally responsible and no Bravo contract will stop me. I guess by making Sheree [Zampino] take down my birthday post you wanted to solidify me as racist and actually ruin my life.”

But Beauvais interpreted the text a different way, stating, “It was pretty much, if anything happens to my family, I’m coming for you.”

However, Jenkins claims threats don’t matter unless they are “physical.” After revealing she’s received death threats over the matter, a fed-up Beauvais declined further explanation. “I’m not talking to her anymore,” she said.

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