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‘You Don’t Have to Go Outside of the Relationship. I Can be Fun Too’: Princess Love Admits She Went to Great Lengths to ‘Make’ Ray J Happy to Prevent Him from Cheating, But It Wasn’t Enough

The Ray J and Princess Love’s ongoing divorce continues to unveil secrets that happened within their relationship. During “Love and Hip Hop: Miami’s” recent episode titled, “Beyond Repair” Ray J and Love sat down to discuss what the future holds for them once their divorce is finalized. 

Princess Love Shares Video With Ray J

It wasn’t long before the initial calm conversation became an argument between the former couple which resulted in Ray J spilling information surrounding their intimate lifestyle. 

While Love started to discuss what the “One Wish” singer had put her through, Ray J blurted out, “Anything that I’ve ever done, you’ve done it with me!”

Ray J continued to repeat his statement and included, “Anything I’ve ever done, anytime I ever would f—k with b—-s guess who was with me? Princess! Was right in the f—–g room!”

Love quickly corrected him by stating she was only there, “some of the time.”

In her confessional, the 38-year-old admitted, “There’s been times where it’s like I loved Ray so much and tried to like do the whole like threesome thing because you don’t have to go outside of the relationship like I can be fun too.”

Although Love tried to show her spontaneous side to Ray J, she confessed the singer is never satisfied. 

“Nothing is ever enough for Ray, and I can’t keep sacrificing myself and my sanity trying to be something that I’m not to make him happy.” 

The clip immediately landed on different social media platforms, where fans once again rallied behind Love and called out Ray J’s seemingly toxic behavior. 

“He’s actually a terrible person lol”

“I’m so glad she’s leaving his little a–”

Ray J has not been a fan favorite this season on the reality show. The “One on One” actor was recently under fire for claiming that his infidelities with “strippers and prostitutes doesn’t count.”

In a relationship with few boundaries — for one of them, at least — Ray J and Love’s problems have remained unresolved. 

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