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Fans Think Stevie Wonder Was Shooting His Shot at Ari Lennox After Asking About Her Love Life, ‘That Man Was on Her BAWDY, Ahkay’

Ari Lennox can add being complimented and slightly embarrassed by Stevie Wonder to her list of life experiences.

The “age/sex/location” artist was joined by the legendary singer for an interview on KJLH’s “Tammi Mac Show.” During the sit-down, Wonder praised Lennox for her artistry. He told her, “Love your voice, incredible voice. I like the energy. I like the innuendos, you know, all that.”

He followed up the string of praise with, “So, who are you going to marry?…Who are you in love with?” Obviously caught off guard, the “Pressure” vocalist responded, “Oh I don’t know!…It’s really hard out here for a pimp.” She then offered up her pet dog, Galactus, as the special somebody that has her heart.

Wonder reacted by barking as he said, “Am I your dog?” The short clip ended with both artists in a fit of laughter. However, in the comments, fans could not help but to discuss the “Ribbon in the Sky” singer’s off-the-cuff line of questions about Lennox’s love life. 

“Stevie & his 3 dreads better cut it tf out! I love you Stevbbbie,” wrote one person. Other comments included: “I feel like Stevie was shootin his shot.” 

“Okay now I think I know why Stevie has all those kids — he’s a charmer.”

“That man was on her BAWDY, ahkay!! I thought he was bout to start feelin her wrist like Ray Charles!! Lol I see u Uncle Stevie!”

“Stevie is never going to beat those allegations that he can actually see!!!  He was looking straight at her!!”

This is not the first time a notable celebrity made Lennox blush at the topic of relationships or dating. In 2020, “Atlanta” actor LaKeith Stanfield left her speechless with comments he posted in the chat of her Instagram Live with fans.

The singer was discussing her experience seeing Stanfield’s new movie at the time, “The Photograph.” “I was in the theaters by myself, in a hoodie, just looking pitiful. No date, nothin’, just sitting there, shedding tears thinking of my g–damn love life and how it’s exceedingly nonexistent,” said Lennox.

Stanfield dropped a comment expressing gratitude for the singer’s support. But his remark seemingly went unnoticed, at least until he doubled back and wrote, “Can you be my date? Let’s go.” Lennox was immediately flabbergasted and frantically changed the subject before going off-camera altogether.

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