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‘Sis Changed The Entire Subject’: Ari Lennox Is Shook When Actor LaKeith Stanfield Asks Her Out On a Date As She Live Streams With Fans

“Shea Butter Baby” singer Ari Lennox was in her feelings after seeing “The Photograph” starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield.

Sis was so triggered by the love story that she took to Twitter to drink wine and talk about her lack of a love life.

Ari Lennox freaks out when asked on a date by actor LaKeith Stanfield in front of thousands of fans. (Photo: @arilennox/Twitter)

“I was in the theaters by myself, in a hoodie just looking pitiful. No date, nothin’ just sitting there, shedding tears thinking of my got damn love life and how it’s exceedingly nonexistent” ranted Lennox before realizing that Stanfield had joined the audience.

The multi-faceted actor chimed in with, “Thank you love 🌹” before completely catching the singer off-guard when he followed up with, “Can you be my date? Let’s go.”

Caught all the way off-guard Lennox responded, “LaKeith I don’t have time for this right now because you’re joking, I don’t have time, no. We’re changing the subject.”

Flustered, fumbling her words and refusing to appear on camera again, she attempted to give her online audience a tour of her studio that’s in the making, but all they could grasp was how she was in full-blown panic mode and about to miss out on a blessing.

“This has the same energy as me putting my phone on DND after I send something”

“When someone flirts with you in your face and udk how to handle it😂😂”

“I felllllt that! I swear I’ve missed out on like 3 husbands by saying that”

“I’m laughing so hard at how her voice started shakin 😂😂😂 sis said she heard some things and changed the entire subject 😭”

Folks on social were not only taken down by watching Lennox’s all-too relatable meltdown, but also by a comment posted by a viewer during the live stream.

“My tiddies is sweating right now for you,” had folks on Twitter weak.

“That comment killed me lol”

“We’ve all been there!,” commented one person letting Lennox know, in hilarious fashion, that she’s far from alone.

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