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Actor LaKeith Stanfield Seemed to be Shooting His Second Shot with Singer Ari Lennox In a Now-Deleted Social Media Post

Is LaKeith Stanfield still crushing on Ari Lennox? Recent social media activity by “The Photograph” actor has led some to believe Stanfield was shooting his shot with the neo-soul singer. Stanfield since has deleted an Oct. 6 Instagram post in which he used one of Lennox’s latest photos from her Instagram page.

The picture shows Lennox dressed in a wine-colored feathered dress, black strap-up heels and long rectangular-shaped earrings. Under the picture he commented “js” — typically an acronym for “just saying.”

(Photo: @arilennox/Instagram) (Photo: @lakeith_stans/Instagram)

“They would make such a beautiful couple,” one fan wrote.

Others added “yea a king for a queen I’m here for it” and “they would be bomb together.”

Another commenter wrote, “My good sis Ari is about to flip when she sees this.”

This isn’t the first time Lennox has caught Stanfield’s eye; nor is it the first time he has made his interest known publicly.

LaKeith Stanfield shoots his shot with Ari Lennox. (Photo: @lakeithstanfield3/Instagram)

In March, Lennox went on IG Live to vent after watching the 2020 film “The Photograph,” starring Stanfield and Issa Rae.

“I was in the theaters by myself, in a hoodie, just looking pitiful. No date, nothin’, just sitting there, shedding tears thinking of my g–damn love life and how it’s exceedingly nonexistent,” she said after complimenting the movie.

Responding to Lennox’s initial positive feedback, Stanfield commented “Thank you love.”

But Lennox might have missed the comment because she didn’t reply. It wasn’t until Stanfield asked Lennox, “Can you be my date? Let’s go,” that she noticed him in her comments.

Confounded, Lennox’s first reaction was to reply, “LaKeith I don’t have time for this right now ’cause I, wait, you’re joking; I don’t have, no. We’re changing the subject.” Within seconds, a nervous Lennox flipped the camera so that it was no longer showing her, and completely changed the subject.

She frantically began giving her audience a tour of her new studio, as she struggled to continue speaking.

Stanfield’s deleted post reminded fans of Lennox’s old IG Live, as they made comments such as, “I still remember when he asked her out on Instagram live. It was cute and Ari was acting so nervous. Hopefully, she might take him up on his offer.”

Someone else joked, “She probably knocking stuff over as we speak.”

There isn’t any confirmation on whether the “Shea Butter Baby” singer caught wind of the post before he deleted it. However, in her original post, Stanfield did leave her a flower emoji in her comments.

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