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‘Oh, How the Tides Have Turned’: Marlon Wayans Reveals Son Shawn Now Wants to Create Content with Him, But His Children Unfollowed Him Years Ago on Social Media for His Embarrassing Antics

Marlon Wayans recently spoke about how he felt creating social media content with his son Shawn Wayans.

This admission comes after the comedian revealed two years ago that his children unfollowed him on all social media platforms because of his antics. Marlon shares a son Shawn Wayans and a daughter Amai Wayans with his ex Angelica Zachary.

Marlon Wayans opens up about his children unfollowing him on social media because of his antics. Photo:@thekellyclarksonshow/Instagram

On Oct. 15, while appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to promote his Netflix film “The Curse of Bridge Hollow,” Marlon was asked about the fashion video he did with Shawn last month. 

The clip included “The White Chicks” star rating his son’s attires. After showing the brief video, the show’s host Kelly Clarkson asked Marlon on mark 1:07 why it appeared that his son was holding the back of his head throughout the recording. 

While doing various gestures with his arm and head, Marlon said, “That’s just how he’s [Shawn] always been with me. … It’s a form of affection. He grabs my head, he’s like ‘Dad, dad.’ He navigates my head where he wants it. He used to do that when he was a kid at 3 he would [go] ‘Dad, dad’ and move my head everywhere. Now he’s 20 and he’s like ‘Dad, dad.'”

Marlon added that Shawn usually grabs his head because of the actor’s short attention span due to his attention deficit disorder. He said, “I see everything like a fly, and he tries to get me to focus.”

Marlon wrapped up the segment by saying that despite his children being embarrassed by him, he found it funny that Shawn still wanted to collaborate on videos together. The 50-year-old said, “It’s funny, ’cause he unfollowed me on social media. Now you want me to be a part of your social media. Oh, how the tides have turned, little boy.” 

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