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‘Not He Lost Points When He Pointed Out the Bag’: Fans Are Left In Tears After Marlon Wayans Rates His Son Shawn’s Outfits 

Marlon Wayans‘ comedic reaction became a topic of conversation recently after the 50-year-old was featured on his son Shawn Wayans’ rating video on Sept. 14.

Marlon was seen rating Shawn’s three outfits in the TikTok video that was eventually shared on the actor’s official Instagram page.

The clip starts with Shawn informing his followers about what he and his father intend to do. While panning the camera over to Marlon, he said, “So today I’m with my father.” Marlon addresses the fans by saying, “What’s happening. How y’all doing?” 

As Shawn reenters the camera frame, he tells everyone that the pair will rate his “outfits 1 through 10.” 

Before the rating began, Marlon asked his son if he was allowed to curse out of fear that Shawn’s page may get deleted because of TikTok’s restrictions. The first outfit Shawn pulled up featured a white T-shirt, a black jean jacket, gray sweats and high-top shoes. The ensemble was accessorized with a baseball cap. 

While giving his opinion on the first option, Marlon mentioned how much he loved the Rick Owens shoe collection. “Those are Ricks, I’m f–king with the Ricks.”

He added, “I like the Ricks a lot. So yes, I will give you about a five.” As the clip continued, Shawn showed his father the second outfit, which consisted of an orange shirt, loose-fitting pants and sneakers. 

Once reviewing Shawn’s ensemble, Marlon pointed out that he wasn’t a fan of his son’s shirt and shoes. He said, as Shawn began to laugh, “All right, I don’t like the Scooby Doo shirt. I like the Shaggy pants.” Things were pretty going well until Marlon tried figuring out what sneaker brand Shawn was wearing in the photo; the 20-year-old said they were “New Balances.”

The comedian immediately responded, while mentioning Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” that, “There too white guy Stranger Things.” Following his remarks, Marlon rated the outfit a four until Shawn pointed out that he accessorized the attire with a bag. After noticing the bag, The “White Chicks” star lowered his original score to a two because the bag, for him, resembled a Whole Foods shopping bag.

The last ensemble was a sleeveless white shirt, jeans and black sneakers, which Marlon rated a 10 because of how toned Shawn’s arms looked. In addition to the clip, Marlon wrote the caption, “Having fun doing #tiktok with my son. @shawnwayans on tik tok I think I’m @marlonwayans follow.”

As the video circulated online, many brought up how quickly Marlon changed his score when he noticed Shawn’s bag.

“Not he lost points when he pointed out the bag.”

“When he went from a 4 to a 2 I cackled.” 

“‘Look at the bag’…. ‘Oh sorry, a 2’ like did he think the bag would boost his score.”

“He pointed out the bag for points and it actually lowered his rating I screamed.”

“I’m screaming when he gave him a 4 and then he told him look at the bag and he gave him a 2 it sounded like Marlon was gon say it looks like a whole foods bag.”

Among the previous responses, others pointed out how much they loved Marlon and Shawn’s bond. One wrote “Love them and their bond.” Another said, “Awh their relationship is great.”

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