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‘I’ma Need Uncle Ginuwine to Sit His A– Down Somewhere’: Ginuwine Speaks Out After Fainting from Participating In Magic Stunt

Fans of Ginuwine are urging the singer and songwriter to tread lightly with the entertainment antics after multiple sources reported the 51-year-old star passed out during a botched magic stunt with famed performer Criss Angel.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred earlier this week, despite the star’s claims that “it happened a month ago.” While the “So Anxious” singer was rehearsing for The CW’s “Magic With the Stars” in Las Vegas, Nevada, the R&B crooner reportedly lost consciousness during his underwater stunt. 

Video footage obtained by the outlet showed the Washington, D.C. native, born Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, holding his breath while submerged underwater in a glass cube before slamming the sides to alert others nearby that something was seriously wrong. 

“It all happened so fast; it was like he got tapped out in a fight,” an unidentified source revealed. Reportedly, paramedics were called to the scene and the singer was rushed offstage unconscious. It was later revealed that the singer made a full recovery. 

The “Pony” singer was reportedly trying to overcome his fear of being underwater. “In the show, he was trying to overcome his fear of being underwater as he couldn’t hold his breath for longer than 15 seconds before trying the stunt out,” the individual told the publication. “Although he failed in rehearsals, he still went ahead with the stunt on the show, and everyone was in tears,” that person added. 

Earlier this summer, Ginuwine was given the meme treatment following a performance that left fans in stitches and had them reminiscing over the entertainer’s more youthful years. However, fans found his latest incident far from comical. Black Twitter quickly gave the singer a stern “talking to,” including one user who wrote, “I’ma need Uncle Ginuwine to sit his as– down somewhere.”

Another added, “They are both too old to be playing these games.”

“I was not surprised by this news at all. Seems on brand for Ginuwine,” quipped a third. 

The veteran singer’s representative told Page Six, “Ginuwine is okay, and he made a full recovery.” The rep added, “He was conquering a fear. Fortunately everything is okay as he was working with Criss Angel, who’s the best in the business.”

In an update post, Ginuwine said, “It goes on! we good.” He added, “Thank y’all for caring and all that. I appreciate that, but your boy is good.”

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