‘No, We Not Good’: Jamie Foxx Denied Entry at Cardi B’s 30th Birthday Bash and Here’s Why

Black Twitter has come to comedian Jamie Foxx’s defense after a video showed the talented actor being denied entry at Cardi B’s 30th birthday bash. 

In a roughly three-minute video uploaded on Oct. 12 by TMZ, Foxx was seen making his way toward the entrance of the “I Like It” rapper’s party, but was quickly stopped by doorkeepers. 

Jamie Foxx

Before Foxx knew it, he and everyone associated with him had gotten turned away at the door. As the “Django Unchained” actor started walking back in the direction of his car, one of Cardi B’s doorkeepers asked him if he was good, to which Foxx responded, “No, we not good.”

He continued, “I love you my n—a, but it was too much; it was too much.”

As the video came to a close, fans could see the same doorkeeper once again attempting to squash any ill feelings Foxx may have had by dapping him up; fortunately for him, Foxx accepted his dap as he continued to make his way to his transportation.

TMZ reported, “Jaime Foxx showed up to Cardi B’s Bday party late and people weren’t aware he was coming. He had 10 people with him and they didn’t have a section available for him.” 

The site further explained, “…Jamie decided to leave the party as he was being walked inside because he realized there wasn’t an area for him. Sources say there were no hard feelings and Jaime handled the situation well.” 

While Foxx may have handled the situation well, many fans on Twitter felt as though the Golden Globe winner still should have been allowed inside. 

“Lmao, who don’t let Jamie Foxx into a party? Like even if he not pose to be there you let Jamie Foxx in”

“If Jamie Foxx shows up for my birthday with 10 friends and we’re at capacity, my family is going home early.”

“Not letting Jamie Foxx into a party that he was invited to is CRAZY” 

Neither Foxx nor Cardi B publicly have discussed the incident.

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