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‘Yoo He Sounds Just Like You Dog’: Floyd Mayweather Posts Jamie Foxx’s Impersonation of Him, Fans Go Crazy Over the On-Point Interaction

Jamie Foxx left Floyd Mayweather cracking up after the actor did an impression of the Hall of Fame professional boxer in front of him and his team. 

The 54-year-old comedian was seen dapping up Mayweather before doing an impression based on one of the boxer’s best-known refrains, saying, “They don’t have the blueprint, they don’t have the blueprint for me though. I got it for them though.” 

Yoo He Sounds Just Like You Dog': Floyd Mayweather Posts Jamie Foxx's Impersonation of Him, Fans Go Crazy Over the On-Point Interaction
Floyd Mayweather (L) and Jamie Foxx (R). Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images, Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for The h.wood Group

With 50 wins under his belt, the 45-year-old promoter has made it clear on multiple media outlets that when it comes to beating him in a boxing match there is no distinctive blueprint. The millionaire even tweeted a photo of himself in the boxing ring and captioned it, “There is no blueprint to beat me” back in 2020. 

Mayweather couldn’t contain his laughter after hearing the on-point imitation and captioned the Instagram video, “It’s always daughter and storytelling with my brother.”

Social media users were impressed by how spot-on Foxx’s impersonation of Mayweather was. 

“Jamie’s impressions are next level”

“That impression was 10/10”

“Jamie can impersonate anyone!”

“Yooo he sounded just like you dog”

“He will be a perfect actor for a Floyd Mayweather bio movie”

Foxx hasn’t signed to portray Floyd Mayweather in any project, but he was cast back in 2017 to portray Hall of Fame boxer Mike Tyson in the biopic series titled “MIKE.”

In 2020, the renowned actor gave insight about the opening scene of the movie on radio station Hot 97. 

He began explaining the scene and described the camera, “Capturing regular things, blue-collar people, you know, the ’hood. Then we get up to the boxing gym, we see the doors, and the camera stops” 

He added, “The doors open magically, camera snakes in, and we see in the distance a hulking figure.” 

Foxx confirmed that the “hulking figure” in the opening scene is Tyson as he talks to a child who is adamant about Tyson being the best because that’s what he heard his father call him. However, Tyson isn’t moved by the statement. 

Foxx goes on and explains that Tyson told the kid, “Don’t worry about what your dad thinks, just throw the right. Make sure you keep your left.” 

As Tyson and the kid continued to box, the child “throws a right, he hits Mike, and Mike is acting like he’s falling in super slow motion, and when he hits the ground he’s back at the last fight he got knocked out.”

Jamie finished the summary with: “He sees all the things people were saying, he rests on the rope and it goes calm. Just as we relaxed into the moment the ref comes up and yells, ‘one, two,’ and we flash back to the young Mike. That’s how it opens.” 

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