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‘I’m Not Cookie Cutter’: Jamie Foxx Breaks Down Why Marriage Was Never Something He Wanted and What His Daughter Has to Say About It

Jamie Foxx is not planning to ever make it down the aisle with anyone.

There are many that aim to have the marriage, the kids and the white picket fence lifestyle. However, Foxx who’s never been married but has dated several women, some of them being high-profile, says he is not “cookie cutter” and does not strive for that kind of life. “I didn’t think that was me,” he told E! News “Daily Pop.”

Jamie Foxx (Photo: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram)

Corinne Foxx, who is the “Miami Vice” actor’s daughter, did not quite understand why he would not want to get married at first. He said she felt like, “Well people marry and that’s what they have.” But now, he says, “the pressure of me being married, they don’t even talk about it. I don’t even think we’ve had conversations about it.” Foxx, 53, said the 27-year-old refrained from asking about it once she got old enough to realize that not all marriages work out.

She even got a first-hand look at some of those marriages, which furthered her understanding. Foxx said, “A lot of those marriages ended up not doing well as the kids got older. Unfortunately, we saw the kids get fractured from their families.” Although Foxx’s relationships with Corinne’s mother and with the mother of his other daughter, Annalise Bishop, did not work out, he said, his relationship with his kids was actually strengthened.

“Us, we actually came together more. So I don’t know what that is, I just know that it is different but it’s a whole lot of love.”

Foxx has previously dated “Clueless” and “Single Ladies” star Stacey Dash in 2010. However, he’s most famously linked to “First Daughter” actress Katie Holmes. The two kept their six-year relationship relatively private, but were seen together numerous times in 2018. It was revealed in 2019 that they had split and Foxx was beginning to hang out with someone new.

As for Holmes, she’s now dating actor Emilio Vitolo Jr. and seems to be happy in her new relationship.

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