‘Playing Chess for Kanye While Pretending to Advocate for Ray J’: Candace Owens Shares Alleged Leaked Audio of Kim Kardashian Bashing Whitney Houston After the Singer Began Dating Ray J, Social Media Baffled

Last week Candace Owens made headlines when she was spotted standing side by side with Kanye West, both sporting the rapper’s controversial new “White Lives Matter” T-shirt. Now the Republican pundit appears to be going after the Grammy Award winner’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, with a newly surfaced voice recording Owens claims to be that of the SKIMS creator, speaking ill of the late Whitney Houston and at one point referring to the legendary singer as an “old hag.”

It’s unclear how Owens obtained the audio. However, the host felt inclined to share it while discussing Kim’s rise to fame and how the model used Black men to climb the career ladder before she “left them in the dust” during a recent taping of her self-titled podcast. Owens name-dropped the “Jail” rapper and entrepreneur, and former reality star Ray J as Kim’s purported victims. 

“Some tapes are making the rounds of Kim Kardashian, and she’s talking trash… this is years ago, and it seems to be a voicemail that she left Ray J, where it’s not the sweet little Kim K that she portrays today,” the conservative public figure explained before playing the audio. 

The person on the tape announces herself as the “Keeping Up with Kardashians” star before calling the singer “disgusting and desperate.” She continued, “You’ll do anything for attention, and you’re just so disgusting. Honestly, go have fun with old hag Whitney Houston; she’s so sick. Crack is definitely not whack with you guys.” Elsewhere, the woman who was believed to be Kim said, “It makes me laugh how disgusting you guys look.” The woman then tried to be humorous by saying “it’s not right, but it’s okay,” words that make up a Whitney hit.

Owens claimed she was told that Kim allegedly left that voicemail because she was upset that Ray J was more famous than her because of his relationship with Whitney and that the tape “landed on my lap,” and “that there is much much more and it is the opposite version of the Kim Kardashian that your kids have been following.” 

Social media users appeared too stunned to even begin dissecting Owens’ recent outpouring of support for Ray J, including a Twitter user who wrote, “The fact that Candace Owens is now playing chess for Kanye while pretending to advocate for Ray J was not the plot twist I was expecting in this Netflix series…”

Meanwhile, several other critics appear to have taken the route of just staying away from the story, like one user who declared, “Kim Kardashian can go to hell for the weirdo stuff she said about Whitney. Candace Owens can go to hell for only bringing Whitney up to one up Kim.” That person added, “Ray J can especially go to hell for recording and leaking audio of Kim disrespecting Whitney. Just a bunch of weirdos actually.”


It wasn’t the first time Owens had come to Ray J’s defense. The political commentator slammed Kim and her mother Kris Jenner, accusing the momager of being a “pimp” and her daughter of being a “prostitute” over their alleged roles in leaking intimate footage of the model and her then-boyfriend, Ray J.

The pair dated from 2002 to 2006. In 2007, a year after the pair’s breakup, the sex tape was released. Since then, the Kardashian family reported that Norwood had put it out and still held a second version, although the singer has denied those claims.

The singer attempted to clear his name on social media, saying that the mom-and-daughter duo were behind the release of the tape. “Her mama made us go shoot it for safety,” Ray claimed in a video.

“She watched them mother f–kers and said, ‘Hey we are going to go with the first one because the first one is better. It gives my daughter a better look. Then that second one I made y’all go do.’ But you watched it and made a decision. You get on whatever show you were on and take a lie detector test with a fraud,” he added.  

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