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‘I’m Not Going to Edit This Opinion’: Candance Owens Calls Kris Jenner a ‘Pimp’ and Seemingly Defends Ray J Amid His Recent Comments About Sex Tape Leak

Candace Owens has gone after reality television royalty and mother-daughter duo Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian after Ray J recently claimed that the momager was behind the release of the infamous sex tape with the SKIMS founder. 

During a recent recording of her eponymous podcast, the Republican political commentator noted she wanted to discuss the trending topic “because this story just keeps getting darker,” before ultimately going on to accuse Kris of being a “pimp” and her daughter a “prostitute” over their alleged roles in the leaking. 

“There are really no words that can adequately describe how positively disgusted I am by the story and what this signifies for the terms of the world that we are in today; what this really means. That a mother sat down and decided to sell her daughter’s body for fame and money, and she was successful,” Candace expressed around the 6:40 mark. 

Candace directed viewers to two things: “Not only did she do it. Not only should we be completely disgusted by the idea that a mother — I just had a daughter — that a mother would sit down and watch various tapes of her daughter having sex with a boyfriend out of wedlock and then say, ‘Let’s sell this tape. This is the best one. You look the best in this tape. This will make you the most famous.’ “

She continued, “Not only is that disgusting, but then…that her plan worked,” she said. “Kim Kardashian is a billionaire today, and she is, by the way, still selling sex. I now hold the opinion that Kim Kardashian is a prostitute. And I’m not going to edit this opinion: Kim Kardashian is a prostitute; her mother is a pimp — worse than a prostitute. Kim Kardashian is a corpse. She’s a body without a soul, and she is emblematic of the society that we live in today.”

Many people appeared to favor Candace’s opinion, including one YouTube user who wrote, “This is beyond disturbing. As a mom of two little girls, I’m disgusted. Celebrity culture is a disease.” Another added, “You know Candace, we don’t always see eye to eye but you hit this nail on the head…I have been saying this for years…They are all nasty and should not be allowed on television.”

Kim and Ray J, whose real name is William Ray Norwood Jr., dated from 2002 to 2006, when they reportedly filmed the intimate moment during her birthday celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2004. The footage was released three years later under the title “Kim Kardashian, Superstar.”

The model sued distributor Vivid Entertainment for invasion of privacy and the profits from and ownership of the tape, but ultimately dropped the suit. The group reportedly reached a multi-million-dollar settlement. 

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