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‘Who Cares Just Give Her an Apple’: Fans React to Remy Ma Reportedly Being Considered for ‘RHONY’ But Not Granted Opportunity Because of Residency

Some would say “The Real Housewives of New York” were about to go all the way up after consideration for rapper Remy Ma to join the cast made its way onto the scene. However, the decision hit a rough patch due to Remy Ma’s residence being in New Jersey rather than New York. 

According to TMZ, “The Real Housewives of New York” cast member Eboni K. Williams, mentioned Remy Ma’s name to the casting crew, “suggesting Remy would be a great addition to the show.”

It was also discovered by a source who reportedly told TMZ that the “Conceited” rapper did in fact have an apartment in Manhattan while her name was up in the air for “RHONY,” but eventually moved and got rid of her apartment. 

After news broke surrounding Remy Ma’s missed “RHONY” opportunity, many fans expressed disappointment in producers and even brought up the residence of those who are a part of other “Real Housewives” installations. 

“This would’ve been great casting wise for the revamp of the cast. Remy is level headed enough to eat on here.”

“Remy should have been picked because all those wives don’t live in Potomac or Atlanta.” 

“Entire cast of RHOBH lives in Encino, Studio City Hills, and I think Garcelle lives in like Santa Clarita?”

While some fans were displeased with Bravo’s choice in moving along without further consideration of Remy Ma, others shared a sense of hope that one day she will get a “Housewife” opportunity and receive her well-deserved apple. 

“RHONY does need at least one black female who’s on the hip/hop rap scene”

“Remy would have done great on Real Housewives, let’s reconsider one more time.” 

“Who cares, just give her an apple!” 

While Remy Ma may not join “RHONY” for its 14th season, if the rapper ever decided to move back to her home state, at least she knows people would love to see her on the show.

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