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‘Bron Nooooooooo Should’ve Kept This In the Group Chat!’: LeBron James Catches Heat for Supporting Tory Lanez’s Music, Fans Bring Up Rapper’s Alleged History of Violence

In the past, LeBron James has showcased to his millions of followers that he is an avid music lover by sharing videos of himself jamming or working out to many popular artists’ tracks.

The list includes Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Jay-Z, just to name a few. But recently the Los Angeles Lakers forward found himself in the middle of controversy after showing support to singer Tory Lanez.

The reason behind the scrutiny is because of the “Say It” vocalist’s violent past. Lanez recently was alleged to have initiated a physical altercation with August Alsina following Lanez’s past comments about the 30-year-old’s relationship with actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

In 2020, Lanez was accused of shooting his former friend and rapper Megan Thee Stallion in the foot following an argument. The trial for that case is set to begin in December.

In a Twitter post shared on Sept. 30, James disclosed that despite the negative press that Lanez has been receiving for his actions, he is a “talented” artist. James’ response came after Twitter user @cuffsthelegend wrote, “love him or hate him.. The Lanez Of Tory consistently makes damn good music.”

Following that statement, the father of three said, “FACTS!!!! He never misses. That boy talented as hell man! Bangers for days!!” Hours later, James took to his Instagram Story and shared a video of himself listening to an undisclosed track from Lanez’s new album, “Sorry 4 What.”

As James’ tweet and video began circulating online, many bashed the basketball player for publicly supporting Lanez despite his controversial past.

“Bron nooooooooo should’ve kept this in the group chat!”

“Fathers of daughters need to be cautious about WHO they’re vocal about.”

“Its doesn’t matter when he CLEARLY is abusive to both men and women.. but I digress.”

“He’s definitely on code with the disrespect and degradation of Black women by even coming out to support him publicly. Not surprised.”

“LeBron you’re looking very Bozo now.”

As Lanez caught wind of James’ video, the singer wrote on Twitter, “Man …. This is my biggest inspiration !! UMBRELLAS ,Go to @KingJames PAGE AND DROP UMBRELLAS!!!!!”

He added, “This man genuinely SUPPORTS GREAT MUSIC ! In the process of me recording this project … he seen me out and gave me some powerful words that kept me and this album going!!”

James has yet to respond to the backlash and Lanez’s tweet.

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