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‘Just Made Us All Smile’: Michael B. Jordan Returns to Social Media with First Personal Instagram Post Following His Split from Lori Harvey 

Michael B. Jordan fans rejoiced after the actor shared his first personal Instagram post following his split from Lori Harvey.

Jordan and Harvey, who dated for over a year, split in June. At the time, according to news outlets, the breakup resulted from the model’s refusal to settle down. Immediately after the announcement, the exes removed any trace of each other from their respective social media accounts.

Since then, although Harvey has heavily documented herself enjoying her life as a single woman, Jordan, on the other hand, did not. The “Creed” star strategically only shared promotional uploads on his Instagram page until Sept. 20. 

In the post, Jordan gave fans a view of his trip to Las Vegas by uploading an Instagram photo dump that included the various activities he participated in while in Sin City. A photo dump is a trend that features a collection of images and videos shared in a carousel post. 

Jordan’s upload featured the 35-year-old attending a boxing match with Saul Alvarez, a concert, a Las Vegas Raiders football game and multiple restaurants. In addition to the post, Jordan wrote the caption, “In n Out of vegas real quick.”

As fans viewed the upload, many expressed in the comments section how happy they were to see Jordan enjoying himself and smiling.  

“Dope to see you living and winning. Life is GREAT!!”

“Looks like you enjoyed yourself. I am so happy to see you smile and living your best life.”

“Yayyyyyy!!!! Seeing you smile and post just made us all smile.”


“Yessss King!! Live your best life.”

Among the previous remarks, others praised Jordan for officially making his return on Instagram. One wrote, “The king has returned.” Another wrote, “My boy back!!!!!!!!!!”

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