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‘Look What Lori Done Did to This Man’: Michael B. Jordan Shows Off a New Look and Fans Aren’t Impressed 

Michael B. Jordan made a brief return to Instagram on Aug. 15, two months following his public split with Lori Harvey.

Jordan and Harvey dated for over a year and were viewed as one of Hollywood’s “It” couples until news outlets reported the pair went their separate ways in June. At the time, it was revealed that the breakup stemmed from Harvey’s refusal to settle down. Since then, both parties have removed any trace of each other on their social media accounts.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan shows off various angles of his outfit on his Instagram Story. Photo:@michaelbjordan/Instagram

In the caption-less Instagram Story, Jordan was seen flaunting a new look, which consisted of a tight gray sleeveless vest, black pants and white shoes. The “Creed” actor decided to complement the ensemble with a gold necklace and a watch.

Although no additional details were provided regarding his new attire, Jordan’s stylist Jason Bolden hinted that the star may have an upcoming project with the luxury brand Chanel, through his sharing a similar photo on his account and writing the caption, “MBJ x CHANEL.”

As Jordan’s new look began making its rounds on social media blogs, many mentioned that given his latest look it was apparent that the breakup with Harvey had greatly affected the 35-year-old. 

“He done lost his damn mind after Lori.”

“Look what Lori done did to this man sent him to church.”

“What Lori do to that man?? I’m thrown off.”

?Look What Lori Done Did to This Man?: Michael B. Jordan Shows Off a New Look and Fans Aren?t Impressed?
Michael B. Jordan’s stylist Jason Bolden hints that the actor’s new look could have been for a project with the luxury brand Chanel. Photo:@jasonbolden/Instagram

“Lori did a number on him.”

“Looking rough since Lori ditched him.”

Among the previous remarks, others pointed out that Jordan’s scruffy appearance may have contributed to his unimpressionable new look. One wrote, “That stash gotta go cause it’s a no for meeeeeee Michael sorry hun.”

Another said, “So hot. Can we get rid of the breakup facial hair though?” A third social media user posted, “I’m tired of the facial hair.”

Jordan’s post comes days after Harvey spoke about what she considers red flags in a relationship. One deal breaker included a partner being close friends with an ex.

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