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‘I’m With Him When He’s Right On That One, He’s Good’: Vivica A. Fox Reacts to 50 Cent’s Recent Lawsuit Denying Any Form of Penile Enhancement Procedures

Vivica A. Fox defended ex-boyfriend 50 Cent in the newest episode of, “Cocktails with Queens.” 

When the four ladies Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson, Vivica A. Fox and Lisa Raye McCoy, began to discuss men who don’t bite their tongue on social media, 50 Cent slid into conversation after TV personality Jordan brought up his recent lawsuit against a Miami plastic surgery center for insinuating that the rapper was a client who underwent a penile enhancement procedure. 

Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent. Photo:@msvfox @50cent/Instagram

“What are your thoughts on these allegations and you know who I’m going to first!” Jordan said after she finished analyzing the situation. 

Not shaken up about being put on the spot, Fox confidently spoke on 50’s situation and kept her answer short, sweet and right to the point. 

“Angela, you lying. That’s all I’m gonna say. Angela, that’s the one thing that I know is true. He didn’t have to get no enhancement; he’s good.” 

Fox continued as laughter exited her co-stars’ lips. 

“The one time, I’m with him on that one I’m with him when he’s right on that one. It’s all good.”

Jordan interrupted Fox and expressed the way 50 Cent acts equates him to having, “big d– energy” in which Fox agreed with Jordan’s statement blushingly saying, “Yes.”  

Co-host and singer/songwriter Johnson could see where Jordan was coming from with her statement because she agreed, “He does; that’s why he acts a fool all over the internet.”

50 Cent, formally known as Curtis Jackson, has never shied away from outing those who have done him wrong. After claims came out suggesting the “In Da Club” rapper received penial plastic surgery, the rapper decided to take matters into his own hands and sue the corporation’s plastic surgeon, Angela Kogan, along with her two businesses, MedSpa and Perfection Plastic Surgery. 

However, according to TMZ, Kogan’s attorney informed the news site that, “50 did receive services from Perfection, and allegedly agreed to take a photo with Kogan which she could post to her business and social media accounts instead of paying.”

TMZ continued, “Heitner [Kogan’s attorney] says 50 was well aware of the social media post Kogan put up, but never had an issue with it until a blog raised the issue years later.” 

While Kogan’s attorney claimed 50 Cent did in fact receive some form of plastic surgery from Kogan; meanwhile, 50 Cent claimed he was under the impression that Kogan was a fan.

TMZ reported, “50 Cent says he took a pic with Dr. Kogan back in February 2020 because he thought she was a fan. And he says, ever since, Kogan and her companies have used the photo to “pimp their products.”

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