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‘I Should Not Be Laughing This Hard or Loud’: Fans Revisit Ginuwine’s ‘106 & Park’ Performance Following His Viral Meme

Singer Ginuwine has been a topic of discussion for weeks — or, more specifically, his dance moves have. The singer’s latest performance of his 1998 classic hit “Same Ol’ G” was turned into a viral meme. In the August clip, the 51-year-old swiftly dragged his right leg across the dance floor followed by his left leg while staring into the camera of the person recording.

Fans shared jokes for days while others revisited some of Ginuwine’s other hilarious performances. In 2003, the singing heartthrob made a grand entrance for his performance on BET’s “106 & Park” hosted by Free and AJ Calloway.

“Y’all don’t remember Ginuwine’s 106 & Park performance from back in the day,” tweeted the fan. “He been a hilarious performer.”

Before Ginuwine’s performance, Free and AJ told the audience that he was involved in an accident before the show. The camera then panned to the stage, where three men dressed in white coats carried the vocalist out on a hospital gurney.

“Yo I’ve seen doctors use the electricity to shock his heart,” said one man in red. “But y’all don’t have that so what you need to do is pump his heart and it will bring him back yo.”

After doing the worm dance on the gurney, Ginuwine arose from the dead to perform his 1996 hit “Pony.”

“I should not be laughing this hard or loud! I definitely had the Pony maxi single cassette,” wrote a second person, while a third said, “A fully body roll on a hospital gurney is Madness…….lmaooooo.”

A fourth wrote, “That was the most extra s–t I’ve ever seen lol, reverse worm off the stretcher.”

One individual mentioned the dancer’s technique in the hilarious skit, writing, “My boy background dancers were workin.”

Touching on Ginuwine’s red leather outfit, another said, “The way that man’s visor is sitting, bring back the early 2000s.”

One fan requested to see the full performance and commended Ginuwine for “trying to be creative.” To put his performance into context, one fan explained that it was inspired by the 1984 film “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

“Haha he actually got this idea from Michael Chambers. Turbo from the 84’ Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo movie. He hit the hospital bed scene similar to this. Turbo was his dance inspiration.”

Another critic shared a Snoop Dogg meme, saying, “That was artistry right there at its finest.”

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