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‘That Is the End’: Gayle King Reveals That Oprah Winfrey Shut Down Their Interview After She Asked Her This

Eyes were on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as the couple reunited with the latter’s brother, Prince William, and wife Kate Middleton in England over the weekend in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s death. As coverage continues about the altering event, Oprah Winfrey is looking back on her bombshell interview with the “Suits” actress, where she made claims of racism from the Royal family. Still, she is being cautious not to get too vocal on the matter. 

King Charles III revealed that many hope to see reconciliation among the family members. During an interview with best friend Gayle King, Winfrey was careful in responding when asked about the topic, telling the CBS Morning host, “I do not get into people’s family matters, and I certainly …” 

She continued, “Ya know, everybody who has experienced some challenges in their families with in-laws or brothers or sisters knows how difficult some of those situations can be. I’m sure that for the royal family, it’s no different. And nobody consults me about their family business, so I try to stay out of people’s family business.” 

King revealed on the CBS morning show that Winfrey soon ended the interview, which was initially supposed to be about Winfrey’s movie, “Sidney,” a documentary about acting legend Sidney Poitier, after the question about the royals.

“After that, Oprah goes: ‘And, Gayle, that is the end of this interview,'” said King, suggesting it was not meant with malice. 

Markle’s relationship with her in-law was further bruised following her tell-all interview with the iconic television host. In 2020, the couple shocked the world when they announced they would “step back as ‘senior’ members” of the British royal family — now infamously titled Megxit.

In her sit down with Winfrey, Markle claimed there were “concerns and conversations” among members of the royal family over the skin color of her and her husband’s son, Archie, before his birth in May 2019.  

When Winfrey asked if the worry was around the possibility her son would be “too brown, and that would be a problem,” Markle replied, “I wasn’t able to follow up with why, but if that’s the assumption you’re making, I think that feels like a pretty safe one.”

Markle and Prince Harry clarified that neither she nor her husband were a part of those conversations, nor would the star reveal the individuals who made the remarks. Prince Harry also stated that neither his grandmother nor the late Prince Philip raised those concerns. 

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