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8 Racist Things Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family Have Said About Black People and Others

princess-michael-o_2759845bBack to the Colonies

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2004 that when Princess Michael of Kent was dining in New York, she turned to a table of Black New Yorkers she considered too loud and told them: “You need to go back to the colonies.” The German-born princess is the wife of Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, and her father was a former high-ranking Nazi officer, according to the LA Times article. Her spokesman said, “She did not make a racist comment.”


Mocking Traditional African Dress

When Prince Philip met with the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, he caused a media whirlwind after he commented on his traditional African garments. “You look like you’re ready for bed,” he said with a laugh, according to a report by the Telegraph.

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40 thoughts on “8 Racist Things Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family Have Said About Black People and Others

  1. Andre' Clark says:

    Surprise Surprise

  2. Evadne Smith says:

    Well, as the frog said, what is joke to you is death to me. I beleave he ment nothing bad. his jokes are just bad.

  3. Who cares about these inbred folk? I don't….they don't even recognize their Black Queen Charlotte….I wonder do they realize that little princess has the same name…

  4. Jai Williams says:

    I don't care about them they're not MY queen, king, prince or princess :-/

  5. They're kewpie dolls of no importance or worth. Maybe some are decent enough to live in the real world but for the most part they are mindless. No space in my mind for them.

  6. Lee King says:

    They are ignorant and out of touch. But what about racist Americans that should know better?

  7. of course we know.

  8. Jamaican Sister don't defend them , they know what they saying ,

  9. Terry Moore says:

    They need to find a dentist, especially, that Philip guy!


  11. Ika Paris says:

    Who cares about these Devils worshippers. Who really cares !

  12. Who cares about the dead rat is only the cat? so let them go to hell.

  13. Funny how these welfare recipients fix their tired twisty mouths to make comments about black people. Trash.

  14. Have you seen the pciture of the King she married? (hint he looks black).

  15. Omo Oba says:

    Who cares about the utterances of pigs in human attires. By subscribing to this kind of article, one is just giving racists more power that they don't actually deserve.

  16. We are the real Kings and queens……that the racist pricks will burn beneath hell.

  17. Al Johnson says:


  18. Their hate for black people goes back way far. Since it was the black people who educated them in the first place. They would turned around and enslaved the same ones. Its disgusted cuz they know their time is up and they won't be anymore.

  19. Nicol L Lami says:

    pink devils!!!

  20. Ian Harry says:

    black women you have to stop wearing your hair white women, then God will bless you ,God ts mad at you , why because he give you a diffrent texure of hair diffrent from all the races ,but you dont like your hair, you spend hundreds of dollars just to look white , thats a spit in God face , for real.

  21. Nazi limks for philip were no surprise

  22. who do you think americans R? they are european peasants sent by the crown, all over the globe, to murder, steal, loot and rape.

  23. everything they own comes from other countries and other peoples.

  24. nazi links to the queen herself. did you see the latest photo of her, in her younger years, giving the nazi salute?

  25. stop worrying about our hair and start worrying about our lives, our land and our resources which they want to relieve us of, again,

  26. Farntella Graham True. I can kind of excuse a one off like that from before widespread knowledge of how evil Nazis really were as she was a young kid then. But Philip will have grown in that climate and witnessed the full extend of the ideology and its wickness. Thats not so excusable. I think once people are whipped into taking a stance on something they become disinclined to recognse the notion they could have chosen unwisely. Its like people who support a football team andthen refuse to criticse a player after a rcist or sexit incident. They feel they have to defend that decision.

  27. Is this meant to be shocking..? Considering their whole royal family have Nazi ties and have always secretly backed eugenics and ethnic cleansing? And their insidious attempts to secretly depopulate Africa along with their European allies. Ethiopia is still enslaved to these people because they own that part of Africa, which they have made it illegal for the native people of that land to fish without being called punished as a "pirate". Sounds a little bit like the "Extremist Islam" or "Terrorism" ploy most people are now indoctrinated to believe in, doesn't it? This wasn't the only racist incident that took place in the palace upon the president’s visit. The Queen and Prince refused to toast Obama and dismissed his several attempts in trying to make conversation with these evil people. These oligarchs HATE NIGGERS, END OF… This family is nothing but a bunch of disgusting, racist, parasitic, cousin fuckers that have not only raped most of the indigenous people of their lands and RESOURSES from past to present day, but are now screwing over their own people through taxation, job/benefit cuts and now AUSTERITY… Check out how they are secretly imposing the tax law in the US and throughout Europe, you will find out that it all goes to the Fed Rev and Crown Corporation, tut tut… The reason to why this world is still enslaved is due to these parasites stealing the remnants from the poor and increasing the wealth of the rich, globally now. So! please don't so surprised at a bunch of racist remarks from Nazi funding, Nazi related, so called, killer kings and queens have said. These people are responsible for so much more…

  28. Jack Ashdown says:

    Notice everyone moaning are black lol.. Chip much?

  29. Jenny Oliver says:

    Blackmoor was a Spanish Muslim

  30. I'm no apologist for my parasitic Queen, but she was little and her father was genuinely racist. At that point she didn't have much choice.

  31. I'm no apologist for my parasitic Queen, but she was little and her father was genuinely racist. At that point she didn't have much choice.

  32. you mean one who kills lions, hopefully!

  33. off with thier heads !!

  34. Abby Lenox says:

    i love trulys ice cream its so ggood

  35. everytime these people are on tv i change the channel they are of no importance to me and i do not look up to them as a royal family. only frauds.

  36. they arent royal stfu they stole their every single thing from egypt that belonged to the african race. they are all frauds. even the ground they walk on was made by african people. stop saying human race africans are the only human race on the planet not you inbred genetic spliced nendtheral apes.

  37. They can't help saying things like that. They're subhuman greedy, jealous, retarded neanderthals. They're just jealous because their apes. They should thank the African for the little resemblance of a human that the have.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Well dear boy, some times you just have to call a spade a spade what—tally ho

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