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‘I Didn’t Notice Either’: Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Why She Began Shaving Her Eyebrows and Claims that Her Ex Husband Never Noticed, Fans React 

Whoopi Goldberg became a topic of conversation after legions of fans, and some of “The View” stars learned an interesting fact about the actress.

On Sept. 12, during an episode of the daytime television show, Goldberg, who was discussing the latest fashion trend involving celebrities shaving or dying their eyebrows, revealed that she shaves her eyebrows.

While speaking on the trend, two of Goldberg’s co-hosts, Sara Haines and Ana Navarro, claimed that they didn’t notice that the 66-year-old didn’t have eyebrows. Further into the conversation, Goldberg disclosed that Haines and Navarro weren’t the only ones who didn’t notice.

The “Sister Act” star, who has been married three times, shared that one of her ex-husbands didn’t either. Goldberg said, “I was married to a man who did not notice until one day he said, ‘Oh my God, you don’t have any eyebrows,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I know.’ ” Goldberg revealed that she shaved her eyebrows because she started getting bumps when they would grow in.

While revealing that she temporarily puts on eyebrows for acting projects, Goldberg said, “I had eyebrows as a little kid and you know how men get those bumps? I started to get them on my face so my mother removed them. And so I just keep doing it because I don’t know my face with eyebrows unless I’m working — they put them on and take them off.”

Toward the end of the video, Goldberg shared that many don’t notice her lack of eyebrows because people can see the indentation of where her eyebrows previously were.

She said, “Because listen, what you can see on my face, you know where they went. You know where they are. You see. So when you’re looking at me, your eye sees eyebrows when there are none.”

As Goldberg’s admission and remarks circulated online, a handful of fans admitted that they also didn’t know that “The Color Purple” star didn’t have eyebrows.

“I guess I never noticed either. But, eyebrows or not.. She’s still a legendary queen so who cares. Lol.”

“Wait a minute her husband didn’t notice Whoopi didn’t have eyebrows? I don’t feel as bad because neither did I.”

“I didn’t notice either.”

“*goes to Whoopi’s page* wow she really never had eyebrows.”

“Let’s be real I don’t think anyone notice that Whoopi doesn’t have eyebrows.”

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