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‘Whoopi Look Like She Hurting’: Raven Symone’s Dancing TikTok Video with Whoopi Goldberg Goes Left After Fans Critique The View’s Co-Host Moves

Life came full circle for Raven Symone recently after appearing on “The View.” The actress first joined the show during its 18th season in 2015 and sparked numerous controversies, one of which stemmed from the topic of race

Symone left “The View” in 2016 after announcing that Disney was rebooting her former show “That’s So Raven.” The star reprised her role as Raven Baxter in the hit series “Raven’s Home,” which is currently in its fifth season. 

Raven Symone’s dancing video with her wife Miranda Maday and Whoopi Goldberg goes left after fans zoom in on “The View’s” co-host moves.@ravensymone/TikTok

Symone and her wife Miranda Maday appeared on “The View” on March 30 to update everyone on the many changes that occurred in her life following her departure and to celebrate the show’s 25th season. 

During the couple’s appearance, Symone, Maday, and “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg shot a TikTok video while dancing to BTS’ 2016 track “Blood and Tears.” In the clip, which appeared to be recorded behind the scenes in the show’s studio, the women were seen rubbing their bellies as they swayed their hips from side to side. 

As Symone’s video began making its round on social media, many solely focused on Goldberg’s moves. While some people expressed that Goldberg appeared to be in pain, others claimed the star looked like she was having bowel issues.

“Whoopi look like she hurting.”

“Whoopi looks like she in pain. Why y’all make auntie do this dance.”

“Whoopi look like she got the double bubbles.”

“Whoopi look like her stomach hurt and she’s just rubbing it for comfort.”

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