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Aries Spears Breaks Down, Says He Feels Career Is Over Amid Child Molestation Lawsuit 

Aries Spears left fans scratching their heads recently after the comedian appeared to be reflecting on the current status of his career.

The “MadTV” star’s admission comes days after a woman, identified as Jane Doe asked Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón in a written letter to prosecute and arrest Spears and Tiffany Haddish for allegedly “molesting” and “grooming” the 22-year-old and her brother when they were children. In addition to the written letter, Jane Doe filed a 30-page lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court.

In the suit filed on Aug. 30, Jane Doe alleged the incident took place in 2013 and 2014. The 22-year-old woman claimed that Spears and Haddish coerced her and her brother, who is identified as John Doe, to perform sexually suggestive acts while filming the “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes” skit. At the time of the alleged event, Jane and John Doe were 14 and 7 years old, respectively.

On Sept. 8, during an episode of Spears’ podcast titled “Spears and Steinberg,” the 47-year-old was seen reading audience emails when he stumbled across a message from his mother, Taurus Spears, on mark 23:15.

In the email, Taurus encouraged Spears to keep his head up “during the storm.” Spears’ mother also claimed that despite the lawsuit, he is still “evolving” into his prime.

As the video continued, Spears brought up how his co-host Andy Steinberg gave him the same advice his mother did. Spears said on mark 24:50 while discussing the state of his comedy career, which began in the 1980s, “I think that was interesting that you said it and my mother echoed it or better yet she said it and you echoed it.”

He added, “Because I just went, yeah, and I’m going to tell you something as much I’m nervous … I already felt like my career was over before all this. I thought I was blackballed, and I felt like my s–t was over. But I always said I felt like I was one thing away from the turnaround, but now with this, I’m almost certain that tombstone was written.”

Towards the end of his statement, Spears says if his mother thinks he could bounce back from the allegations, he will do just that.

He said, “Maybe this is me being naive. This is me being corny but from the day my mother had my back and groomed me into this thing called showbiz, I believed everything she said. I believed every word. I believe she’s the reason why I’m here. So if the woman’s body I came out of says I’m going to be all right. I’ll be all right.

As the video circulated online, many bashed Spears and claimed he was looking for sympathy instead taking accountability for his alleged actions. At the same time, a couple of fans brought up how Spears poked fun at Lizzo and her weight.

“No sympathy because you didn’t show Lizzo any then on top that you did that f–ked up a– skit leave your mama out of it just like y’all left them kids mama out of the process of that skit.”

“But he wasn’t getting emotional speaking on lizzo weight like cmon now smh. “

“Not bringing up your mom for sympathy because that skit was weird. Take accountability for your actions however strange they maybe.”

“He want sympathy after them allegations came out.”

“It’s hard to have sympathy when he had none for Lizzo. She been getting bullied since she started and for a grown man who plus size himself to drag her for no reason was heartless af. Just take accountability for what you did, apologize to those kids and pay for their therapy and move on sir.”

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