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‘You’ve Been Looking Amazing Recently’: Tamar Braxton Has Fans Hypnotized By Her Beauty Following This Post

**Fans React After Tamar Braxton Uploads a Dedication Post to Her Team Following Wig Disaster: ‘Real Friends Come Through No Matter What’

**Tamar Braxton’s Fans Get Lost in Her Beauty After the Singer Shares a Dedication Post to Her Team Following Wig Catastrophe: ‘You’ve Been Looking Amazing Recently’

The fan reaction to Tamar Braxtons recent dedication upload to her team took an unexpected turn when social media followers focused on the singer’s physical appearance

On Sept. 7, Braxton revealed in a lengthy Instagram post how her team, including hairstylist Ming Lee, saved the 45-year-old from a catastrophe after she lost all her wigs. 

Although Braxton didn’t disclose how she lost her hairpieces, she shouted out Lee for coming to the rescue by sending her a wig.

While mentioning an upcoming project she is working on, Braxton said, “Hey guys i just have to put up this appreciation post cause it’s so hard to find some real ones these days. My girl @iamminglee is just that. I lost EVERY. SINGLE. Wig I owned except for the one on my head…I knew I had shows coming up but I was filming and had NO time to go nowhere and get NOTHING!! I hit her in her DM and within an hour she Lyfted me this INCREDIBLE wig!!”

The mother of one added as she gave credit to George McKenney and Instagram user @kmstylz for their contributions, “Thank you, sis for coming through for me. You’re not only kind, but you are just as beautiful as your heart!!” Y’all go order y’all one and show her some love cause real ones are hard to find. oh yeah that face @officialgeorgemckenney and that install and style @kmstylz they killed that too.”

As fans viewed the post, many scrolled past Braxton’s message and zoomed in on her hair and beat face. A handful of people mentioned how beautiful the “Love & War” vocalist appeared. 

“You are so beautiful.”

“Face card never declines.”

“It’s your face for meeeee.”

“You’ve been looking amazing lately.”

“Luv U TayTay U Look Amazing.”

Among the previous remarks, one social media user mentioned how Lee and Braxton’s team came through for her during her crisis. That person said, “Real friends come through no matter what.”

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