‘It’s the Background Commentary for Me’: Tamar Braxton Left Fans In Tears When Discussing Her Weight Loss and Weight Gain Woes

Tamar Braxton decided to take a comedic approach when candidly discussing one of the struggles she’s faced in her weight-loss journey.

In an Instagram post shared on Aug. 11, the singer, who was on set for an undisclosed project, revealed that she was simultaneously losing and gaining weight.

?It?s the Background Commentary for Me?: Tamar Braxton Left Fans In Tears When Discussing Her Weight Loss and Weight Gain Woes
Tamar Braxton opens up about her weight-loss journey in new video. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton said in the clip as she began to do a dance that seemingly resembled Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” choreography, “I got a song in my heart. Don’t look at my outfit cause I’m on set. In 5,6,7, I’m getting fat and skinny. Fat, fat and skinny. I’m getting fat and skinny. Fat and skinny.”

As Braxton continues to repeat the words “fat and skinny” while dancing on camera, an unidentified man is heard saying in the background, “all right now.” Toward the end of the recording, the “Love & War” vocalist is seen shaking her derrière as the unidentified male starts to laugh. The video wraps up with a joyful Braxton returning to the set.

In addition to the upload, Braxton included the caption, “I’ve gained weight and lost it at the same time who can relate?” As fans viewed the clip, many in the comments section mentioned the unnamed man’s background commentary.

“It’s the background commentary for me.”

“The background person (laughing emoji).”

“It’s the background voices for me.”

“They are laughing hard in the background this made my day lmbo.”

“He said alright now.”

Among the previous responses, others brought up how much they could relate to Braxton’s struggle. One wrote, “It’s the rhythm for me I can relate too well.”

Another said, “I can definitely relate. I lost and gained at the same time recently lol.” A third Instagram user posted, “Definitely can relate I’m slim thick athletic built. But I ain’t complaining…At least mine is all Me.”

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