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‘He Showed Patience and Still Got Cussed At’: Steve Harvey Left Fans In Tears After Demonstrating How Much Patience He Has Fishing with His Wife Marjorie

Marjorie Harvey gave fans a view into the dynamic of her relationship with her husband, Steve Harvey, during their recent fishing trip.

In the Instagram post shared on Aug. 1, the 57-year-old was seen trying to remove a hook from a fish she caught at an undisclosed location.

Marjorie Harvey had fans in tears after she ignored Steve Harvey’s fishing advice. Photo:@marjorieharvey/Instagram

The clip starts with Marjorie saying, “I got the first hook out. I can’t take this one out.” Following his wife‘s complaints, Steve advises Marjorie to use pliers to make the process easier. He said, “Get your pliers. Get your pliers, baby.” 

As Steve watches Marjorie struggle with removing the hook from the fish’s gills, he throws a set of pliers beside her. A shocked Marjorie responds, “What the f–k. Why would you throw something at me,” to which Steve repeats, “Get your pliers, baby. Baby, get your pliers. Make it a lot easier for you.”

As Marjorie removes the hook, the “Family Feud” host thanks her for taking his advice. The recording continues with Marjorie showing off the fish she caught as Steve says, “That’s a big one. Good job.” Following Steve’s compliment, Marjorie ended the clip by tossing the fish back into the water. 

In addition to the video, Marjorie wrote the caption, “Fishing with your wife. Steve be so patient…..even when I’m being hard headed.” As fans viewed the upload, many brought up Steve’s patience with Marjorie. 

“What the F–k! Why would you throw something at me? Because you wasn’t listening! Steve is so patient!”

“So patient just gently repeats, ‘get your pliers,’ ‘get your pliers baby.'”

“Girrrrrrlll get ur pliers. Steve I like how you kept saying it but you were saying it so sweet using the word baby. Love that. Nothing like an alpha loving man!! You two are the best.”

“Steve is soo patient… love it! I bet he’s like.. I told ya!”

“He showed patience and still got cussed at (laughing emoji).”

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