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‘Definitely a Better Fit than Her and Lucci’: Reginae Carter and Rumored Boyfriend Armon Warren’s Recent Video Has Fans Gushing and Bringing Up YFN Lucci 

Reginae Carter and YouTuber Armon Warren continue to spark more dating rumors after the pair recently participated in a social media filter game.

The game’s purpose is to respond to questions that require yes or no answers. Although the exact timeline of when Carter and Warren played the game is unclear, it caught fans’ attention after The Shade Room reposted a clip on Aug. 30.

In the video, Carter starts the game off by asking the filter if Warren is nice. She said, “Is Armon a nice person?” After a short amount of time, the filter sent back the response, “Sí!”

Warren then asked the question while referring to Carter as “baby girl,” “is a baby girl a mean person?”The filter responded with the word, “yeah!” Following the response, the rumored couple began to laugh. 

The video continues with Warren asking the question, “is baby girl my soulmate? The filter game replied with the word, “No!” Carter then jumps in and informs Warren that his phrases could have triggered a negative response. She said, “You know you got to ask it better like is Armon my soulmate.” 

The filter game then sent the answer “Yes!” After that response, Carter and Warren were seen hugging and cheering. The video continues with the duo asking a couple more questions on the topics of style and marriage. 

As the clip made its rounds on various social media blog sites, many brought up Carter’s ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci. A handful of fans’ comments talked about how happy they were she was no longer with Lucci. 

Carter and Lucci dated on and off from 2018 to 2021. During their union, Carter and Lucci faced several controversies, including Lucci’s multiple arrests and their 2019 breakup after the rapper attended a party where women performed sexually explicit acts with a cucumber.

“They kind of cute this definitely a better fit than her and Lucci.”

“As long it ain’t Lucci.”

“Glad she left Lucci ALONE.”

“I love this for her because Lucci didn’t deserve her.”

Among the previous remarks, others expressed how cute the interaction between Carter and Warren is. One wrote, “They are so cute, I love it. All you can do is smile.”

Another said, “They’re very cute together, and he’s on her level. I’m happy for her.”

Carter and Warren were first linked together earlier this month after he was seen complimenting the model on her style. Since then, no details regarding their relationship status have been released to the general public. 

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