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‘I Don’t Think There Is a Hair Color You Can’t Wear’: Tiny Harris Shows Off New Blond Hair, Fans Are In Love

Tiny Harris has experienced various hair colors over the years; from orange to green to purple, the singer has practically done it all. The Xscape vocalist recently uploaded a video showcasing hard-hitting lyrics to her own DVSN rendition of, “If U Get Caught.” The track also features Tiny’s Xscape partner in crime, Kandi Burruss. It wasn’t Tiny’s verse sounded that caught fans’ attention as much as the fact that she had changed her color once again, this time to a bleach blond

I Don't Think There Is a Hair Color You Can't Wear': Tiny Harris Shows Off New Blond Hair, Fans Are In Love

As soon as the video began, Tiny’s blond curls made their entrance on the camera as she swayed back and forth to her song with her tiny puppy in hand, whose fur notably matched his human mother’s hair. She captioned her video, “Just enjoying my peace with my lil baby @hustlehermesharris Click the link in my bio to stream @Kandi and Tiny X #IfUGetCaught.” Many people now believe blond is the perfect color for the American singer/songwriter. 

“Beautiful Tiny!! Girl, I don’t think there is a hair color you can’t wear”

“That blonde looks good on you”

“Pretty blonde bandit”

“Same hair color as the puppy! [heart eyes]”

“It’s giving Marilyn Monroe”

Although most comments related to Tiny’s light-toned hair, fans of the writing composer mentioned their love for her and Kandi’s remixed cover, and wanted to receive an album update.

“When are you and @kandi going to cut an album? Vocals are always fire”

“Yes ma’am, vocal card ain’t never declined. Sis can sang”

“This lady here been amazing. Her voice and vocals on some other level. Tiny can sing her a– off, period!”

“Please release some music soon!”

Tiny and Kandi’s newly released remix caused mixed emotions on social media, however, their version of the 2022 male-led song has slowly caught people’s eyes. 

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