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‘Now Tiny You Stayed Over and Over and Over’: Tiny Harris and Kandi Burruss’ Cover for Dvsn’s ‘If I Get Caught’ Goes Left When Fans Bring Up T.I.’s Indiscretions 

Life sometimes does not imitate art.

Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris recently caused a frenzy on social media after the women joined forces to create a remix of Dvsn’s “If I Get Caught.” Dvsn is an R&B group and includes singer Daniel Daley, songwriter, and producer Anthony Paul Jefferies as members.

?Now Tiny You Stayed Over and Over and Over?: Tiny Harris and Kandi Burruss' Cover for Dvsn's 'If I Get Caught' Goes Left When Fans Bring Up T.I.?s Indiscretions?
Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris create a remix to DVSN’s “If I Get Caught,” and fans voice their opinion about the track. @kandi/Instagram

Dvsn’s hit track, which samples Jay-Z’s “Song Cry,” talks about a woman finding out that her significant other is cheating on her. Throughout the song, the woman’s partner tries to explain that he is still in love with her despite getting caught. “If I Get Caught” was released in July. 

On Aug. 8, Burruss and Harris revealed on their respective Instagram accounts that they responded to the track by creating a cover titled “If U Get Caught.” The purpose behind the song was to showcase a woman’s perspective after being cheated on. 

Some of the lyrics suggested that if both women were ever put in that situation, they would either leave or retaliate by stepping out as well. 

In addition to the video, Burruss wrote in the caption, “Much love to @dvsn but @majorgirl & I had to represent for the ladies!

#IFUGetCaught cheating on us it’s gonna be a problem! #KandiAndTiny.”

A short time later, Harris shared a similar post shouting out Dvsn and claiming she and Burruss had to write a female version of the group’s song for their women followers. 

She said, “We gotta show love to @dvsn for doing their thang with their new song “IfIGotCaught” It’s such a dope song, it made @Kandi and I want to write a female version, just to talk a lil (poop emoji) for the ladies! #IFUGetCaught.”

As the video began circulating online, many quickly mentioned how hypocritical Harris seemed because she stayed with her husband T.I. although he has reportedly cheated on her numerous times. 

“T.I. will be just fine lmaoooo he stay cheating and she stays right there.”

“Ain’t she still with T.I. lmao love the song tho.”

“I don’t know if this is really a subject/topic for Tiny, considering ALL things…”

“Now Tiny you’ve stayed over and over and over.”

“How many times did T.I. cheat?”

Among the previous remarks, others praised Burruss and Harris for their remix of the song. One wrote, “First off, let’s get into their looks!! Both of them look flawless. Vocals are great, of course. Love it ladies!”

Another said, “They are definitely a top-tier writing team.” A third person stated, “No lie, Issa bop … they both look good & sound good together but that damn Tiny… it’s the swag & delivery for me.”

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