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‘Now You Know That’s Cory’s Mini Me’: Tia Mowry Fans Call Out the Actress After She Shares ‘Twinning’ Video with Daughter Cairo

Tia Mowry and her daughter, Cairo, stole hearts once again in Tia’s latest Instagram video where the mommy-daughter duo rocked their best orange attire for Instagram followers to see. 

The two wore matching PJs while “Big Mad” by Ktlyn played in the background, with Tia first grabbing a blanket and swaying it in front of the camera. Once the blanket was cleared off the screen, Tia and her 4-year-old daughter showed in orange outfits as they danced around their house until they closed their fun video out by blowing viewers a kiss. 

Now You Know That?s Cory?s Mini Me': Tia Mowry Fans Call Out the Actress After She Shares 'Twinning' Video with Daughter Cairo
Cairo (left) and Tia Mowry (right) @tiamowry/Instagram

Cairo wore a light yellowish dress with orange leaves and flowers along with white sandals; her front bangs were free while the rest of her hair was styled in a bun being held up tightly by an orange scrunchie. As for Tia, she rocked an orange dress with mid-length sleeves with her hair styled similar to her daughter’s: a bun with front side bangs left out.

“That orange tho! [orange hearts] I love twinning with my mini me!! What color should we do next?” Tia captioned her reel video. 

Over 430,000 fans loved Tia and Cairo’s twinning moment and fell in love with their orange outfits. 

“Y’all are so cute!! That orange is popping and I love the matching PJ’s! My daughter and I need these”

“After Cairo blew that kiss though, her serious face is precious.. Teach ‘em to slay while they are young!”

“Orange is definitely y’all color!!”

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Tia Mowry poses with her son, Cree, and husband Cory Hardrict at a birthday party for their four-year-old daughter, Cairo. (Photo: @tiawmowry/Instagram.)

Many fans adored their color coordination, but jokingly disagreed with Tia calling Cairo her twin and compared her looks to who they consider to be Cairo’s “real” twin, Tia’s husband, Cory Hardict

“! Now you know that’s Cory’s mini me! [heart eyes]”

“She is most definitely your husband’s twin! Lol”

“Girl, if she ain’t her daddy’s twin! Just straight adorable!” 

Tia has spent some time on Instagram of working to prove that Cairo resembles her by uploading her own baby photos: she even uploaded baby photos of her younger brother, Tahj Mowry so fans can see she has some of her family’s genetics. However, no matter how hard she tries, fans still say her little girl looks more like her husband than her. 

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