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‘My Internet Niece Is Growing Up so Fast’: Tia Mowry’s Fans Are Stunned By How Much Cairo Has Grown 

Ever since Tia Mowry welcomed Cairo Hardrict with her husband Cory Hardrict in 2018, the toddler has been taking the social media world by storm. The many viral moments have showcased Hardrict’s personality and her unfazed facial expressions.

In an Instagram post on July 19, Mowry, who seemed to be reminiscing over her daughter’s younger days, revealed she wanted the 4-year-old to “stop growing up.” The “Family Reunion” star shared this admission while uploading a video of the pair during an outing.

?My Internet Niece Is Growing Up so Fast?: Tia Mowry?s Fans Are Stunned By How Much Cairo Has Grown?
Tia Mowry expresses how she wants her daughter Cairo Hardrict to stop growing while sharing a clip of them walking around in Italy and fans agree. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

In the short clip, Mowry and Hardrict are seen enjoying the sights of Italy while taking a stroll. Alongside the recording, the 44-year-old also shared a background track from “The Amazing World of GumBall” that said, “Best friends forever, yay!” 

In addition to the post, Mowry wrote the caption, “My best friend, my mini-me…please, stop growing up!” As fans viewed the video and read Mowry’s message, many agreed with the star that Hardrict is growing up too fast. 

“My internet niece is growing up so fast.”

“They definitely grow up too fast.”

“I know the feeling! Why do they have to grow up.”

“She is growing so fast.”

“They grow so fast. My mini me is as tall as me now.”

Among the previous remarks, others informed Mowry that her relationship with Hardrict will only strengthen as she grows up, despite her worries of the tot aging at an accelerated rate.

One wrote, “She’ll ALWAYS be your best friend and mini-me.. would you believe that as they grow it gets better.” Another said, “She’ll be even more of a bestie when she’s older… Enjoy each stage.”

A third Instagram user posted, “It’s going to get better once she grows up. She’ll be able to do more.”

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