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‘It’s Me, I’m the Drama’: Tia Mowry Shares Instagram Video Showing Fans Where Her Children Get Their Comical Dance Moves

It’s safe to say there’s one thing Tia Mowry’s children inherited from her: her off-beat comical dance moves. In order to prove it, the 44-year-old actress uploaded a video onto Instagram where fans can clearly see Tia’s goofy personality has been passed down to her two kids, Cree, 11, and Cairo Tiahna, 4, Hardict. 

Tia posted a video filled with various clips of Cree and Cairo dancing as an audio from Alexa Jean Brown played overtop with the words, “Do you ever wonder how your kids turned out the way they did, and then one day realize it’s from you?” 

It's Me, I'm the Drama': Tia Mowry Shares Instagram Video Showing Fans Where Her Children Get Their Comical Dance Moves
(left to right): Cree Hardict, Tia Mowry-Hardict, Cairo Tiahna Hardict @tiamowry/Instagram

The comical video of her children showing off their dance moves quickly transitioned to mini clips of Tia as she danced and crawled around in behind-the scene footage of her reel videos. 

She explained to her 10.8 million followers, “So far they got my dance moves [laughing emoji] What traits do you guys see in your kids?”

Over 400,000 entertained fans played the video along with nearly 600 amused individuals commenting on the similarities they see between them and their children.

“The crying be driving me crazy then I realize.. It’s me, I’m the drama. My kids picked up the extra clean trait they also picked up the I want to stay home trait”

She added, “The attitude, he has my attitude and sarcasm it drives me crazy!”

“My kids talk too much s–t, and clap back so quick. First of all I didn’t do that as a kid, I waited until I was full grown but I got karma anyway!”

In the past, Tia has had to defend her name when some followers expressed that her kids favor their father, her husband, Cory Hardict more than her. Although that may be true, people cannot deny Tia’s goofy spirit runs deep in her children’s bones. 

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