‘As Long as It’s Not David’: Tamar Braxton Is Reportedly Linked to a Mystery Man and Fans Bring Up Her Ex David 

For weeks, Tamar Braxton’s fans have pointed out the singer’s newfound glow in various social media posts. 

Although Braxton never disclosed the changes she’s made in her life, a recent video may have showcased that one of the reasons behind the difference in her appearance could have stemmed from a new love interest.

Tamar Braxton is seen hanging out with a mystery man and fans are elated for the singer’s new love interest. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

In an Instagram post shared on Aug. 14 by social media blog Gossip of the City, Braxton is seen hanging out with an unidentified man at what appears to be a club. The 45-year-old is seen talking to her alleged date and looking around the premises throughout the video. 

As fans viewed the upload, many voiced their opinion on Braxton allegedly dating someone new by bringing up how happy they were to know that she was no longer with David Adefeso. 

Braxton and Adefeso were together for two years, from 2018 to 2020. Following their split, Adefeso would later accuse Braxton of physically assaulting him while he was driving. Despite their turbulent relationship, the exes have made amends.

“Good because that David needed to go.”

“As long as it’s not David.”

“Good, David was not it for her.”

“About time. Cause why was she STILL messing with the African/Jamaican dude who pressed charges on her and put all her business on the internet.”

“As long as i’ts not David I’m pretty sure the Tamartians are good.”

Among the previous remarks, others have mentioned how happy they were for Braxton as she reportedly reenters the dating world. One wrote, “I’m so happy for her!!!! Tamar has been looking GOOD these days! Healthy and happy!”

Another said, “Ok come on with it auntieee. She got her a (snowflake emoji).” A third Instagram user posted, “Good for her. Happy to see her out enjoying life.”

No additional details regarding Braxton’s alleged date have been released at this time.

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