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‘He’s Always Been Such a Great Father Figure to Her’: Waka Flocka Surprises His Stepdaughter Charlie Rivera with a Mercedes for Her Birthday 

Over the years, fans were given insight into Juaquin “Waka Flocka” Malphurs close bond with his stepdaughter Charlie Rivera from social media posts and the hit family reality show “Waka and Tammy,” focused on Malphurs and his estranged wife. Rivera is the daughter of Tammy Rivera and Brian Williams.

On July 1, the pair’s relationship appeared stronger than ever after Malphurs surprised Rivera with a luxury vehicle for her 17th birthday. In the now-deleted Instagram story, the rapper decided to prank Rivera by first bringing out a smart car as her gift. 

Waka Flocka
Waka Flocka surprises his stepdaughter Charlie Rivera with a Mercedes-Benz for her 17th birthday. Photo:@hotfreestyle/Instagram

As the clip continued, a smiling Rivera embraced Malphurs while checking out the vehicle and talking to her mother. In the second half of the video, Malphurs is seen covering Rivera’s eyes as he escorts her to the actual birthday present, a silver Mercedes-Benz.

The recording ends with Rivera, who appears to be overcome with emotion, covering her face as she walks over to her new car. As the Instagram story circulated online, many people praised Malphurs for being a solid father figure in Rivera’s life.

“Love that Waka is still in her life even though he not with Tammy.”

“I love how Waka is still in Charlie’s life! He’s always been such a great father figure to her.”

“He’s the best dad she’s ever had.”

“The fact that he’s not with Tammy and still raises her like she’s his natural daughter is what I appreciate about this whole exchange!!!”

“I love how Waka never stopped playing his role as her dad.”

Among the previous remarks, others praised Malphurs and Tammy Rivera for raising a humble daughter as they viewed her reaction to receiving the smart car as a prank gift.

One wrote, “Can you imagine having so much money you can buy a smart car as a prank & the real gift too but I love that she’s humble & would’ve accepted the other car too. Waka is such a great dad to her.”

He?s Always Been Such a Great Father Figure to Her': Waka Flocka Surprises His Stepdaughter Charlie Rivera with a Mercedes for Her Birthday?
Waka Flocka writes a special message to Charlie Rivera for her 17th birthday. Photo:@wakaflocka/Instagram

Another said, “I love how she was not ungrateful you guys did a great job. Enjoy your birthday queen.” A third person wrote, “I hope they gave her both cars cuz she seemed grateful. Which says a lot about Waka and Tammie….good job mom and dad.”

Earlier in the day, Malphurs wished Rivera a happy birthday by writing a special message to the 17-year-old alongside a throwback photo of the pair. 

He said, “My baby officially 17 today. Charlie already like i’m moving out condo in buckhead, car, businesses, and her new life lol y’all know me i’m like pump ya breaks lil lady you ain’t 25 yet. Happy birthday my angel face daughter!!!”

At the same time, Rivera’s mother Tammy shared a compilation video with the caption, “Y’all help me wish the love of my life, my baby @tammiesangel a Happy 17th birthday! Can’t believe I have a 17-year-old child.”

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