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‘She Had It In Her This Whole Time’: Tamar Braxton’s Attempt to Twerk Has Fans Cracking Up

Twerking may seem like an easy dance to do, however not everyone is blessed with “Meg knees.” The idea of arching your back while successfully moving your buttocks at the same time can be a hard task to accomplish for some individuals. Just ask Tamar Braxton

Tamar struggled to make her rump shake in a hilarious new Instagram video she posted that showed her friends attempt to guide her in the background. The “Love and War” R&B singer shook her back, butt and legs during her twerk lesson.

She Had It In Her This Whole Time': Tamar Braxton's Attempt to Twerk Has Fans Cracking Up
Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

“Like this? Is this it?” Tamar asked her friends while she followed their direction to “arch ya back! Slide down the wall!” 

Although Tamar noted that the placement she was in “felt awkward,” she began to get the hang of the instructions that were given to her and started feeling herself as she danced faster and faster with every cheerful noise her friends made.

“Woahh, there you go!” said a voice behind the camera. The two voices made a beat to go along with Tamar’s booty shake.

She captioned her video “#teachTamarhowtotwerk [laughing emoji].”

The Shade Room found Tamar’s video and reposted it onto their page writing, “#TamarBraxton is out here practicing how to make that thang thang!”

The 45-year-old TV personality commented back under The Shade Room’s reposted video and sent laughing emojis while calling on the Lord. 

“One day at a time sweet Jesus [laughing emojis]” she jokingly wrote.

Fans of Tamar found the video comical and gave her encouragement to keep practicing in order to perfect her twerk skills. 

“She is coming along. Now keep going [laughing emojis]”

“It’s moving, get it girl”

“See, she had it in her this whole time”

“Lmao she was getting it but I started crying when she started going faster [laughing emoji]”

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