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‘Win Doing His Lil Shimmy on Beat’: Ciara’s Training Camp Video Takes a Turn After Her Son Win’s Dance Moves Steal the Show

A few weeks ago, Ciara revealed that her husband, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson was attending his first day of training camp while sharing a dedication post.

Fast forward to Aug.8, when Ciara uploaded an Instagram video, giving her followers a glimpse of the activities she partakes in during training camp.

Win Doing His Lil Shimmy on Beat': Ciara's Training Camp Video Takes a Turn After Her Son Win's Dance Moves Steal the Show
Ciara’s training camp video takes a turn after fans zero in on her son Win Harrison Wilson’s dance moves. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

In the clip, Ciara is seen lying on the football field as a group of children, including her sons Future Zahir Wilburn, Win Harrison Wilson and daughter Sienna Princess Wilson, pile on top of the singer.

The 36-year-old could be heard saying as her 2-year-old son Win climbed on top of her chest, “It’s called the kid pile up; it’s a kid pile up. Oh Lordy, I can’t take no more children. I can’t take no more children, oh Lordy. Pray for me, somebody.”

Following the pileup, the video transitions to another recording that showcases Ciara and Win dancing to her new single “Better Thangs” as they head to an undisclosed location. In addition to the post, Ciara wrote the caption, “This is the life!! Training Camp! Better Thangs.” 

As fans viewed the upload, many mentioned Win’s dance moves that featured a shoulder shimmy. 

“Win I see you with your lil moves.”

“Cici is such a sweet Mom and look at Win with the shoulder work. Too cute.”

“Your son dancing to your new single is a the cutest!!!”

“Win back rocking them Shoulders.”

“Win doing his lil shimmy on beat.”

Among the previous remarks, others talked about the pileup that occurred at the beginning of the video. One claimed that Ciara was a “kid magnet,” writing, “Aww you’re a kid magnet. They know good spirits.” Another individual brought up Win joining in on the shenanigans.

“Hahah the way Win joined in! He was doing his own thing till he said ‘mmm let me just join in the chaos.’ So cute.”

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