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”I’ve Never Seen Him Look That Serious’: Lil Wayne’s Confused Facial Expression After Misinterpreting Who Reginae Carter was Calling ‘Daddy’ Had Fans Cracking Up

One thing Reginae Carter is almost certain to do is show love to her father, rap legend Lil Wayne. 

The developing actress and fashionista was seen recording herself while she and her father were in an elevator on their way to get food. 

'I've Never Seen Him Look That Serious': Lil Wayne's Confused Facial Expression After Misinterpreting Who Reginae Carter was Calling 'Daddy' Had Fans Cracking Up
Reginae Carter and Lil Wayne @itsreginaecarter/Instagram

“We’re about to get some food.” Reginae shared as she moved her hair around a bit. 

As the elevator began to ding, she called out, “Daddy, one second.” Bringing him in close, Lil Wayne appeared in the video with a confused look on his face. 

Once he realized his daughter was talking about him, the two joined in simultaneous laughter. 

“Tell them how much you love me.” Reginae continued to ask her father. 

Joking about his initial reaction, the Grammy Award-winning rapper responded, “More than whoever she thought, I thought she was talking about.” 

The TikTok video reached over 1.1 million views and had over 800 shares. Fans couldn’t get enough of the comical video. 

“His face said it all [laughing emoji] Say less”

“Lmao his face said ‘I’m the only daddy around here’” 

“I’ve never seen him look that serious lmao”

Many fans also noted how adorable the daddy-daughter duo is and admired their seemingly close-knit relationship. 

“Best father, daughter duo. Love the both of them”

“I love how close they are! So lovely”

“I love their relationship you know he loves his baby and she loves her daddy.”

Reginae is Lil Wayne’s first child out of four. It’s obvious how much respect Reginae has for her father due to her constantly uploading photos of them together where she expresses her love for him. 

The most recent photo that was shared on her page of the two was a Father’s Day post that received nearly 63,000 likes on Instagram.

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