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‘Then the Snake?!?’: Keshia Knight Pulliam Has Fans Cracking Up with Video of How Hectic Her Life Can be While Living on a Farm

Life can get hectic as a full-time mommy. Add animals in the mix and it can become a wonderfully chaotic experience. Keshia Knight Pulliam lives on a farm with her family, and she decided to take fans on this wonderfully chaotic experience with her

Opening up the video with a plastic flute melody created by her 5-year-old daughter Ella Grace, Keshia is welcomed by two goats trying to make their way into her house. 

Then the Snake?!?': Keshia Knight Pulliam Has Fans Cracking Up with Video of How Hectic Her Life Can be While Living on a Farm
Keshia Knight Pulliam. (Photo: @keshiaknightpulliam/Instagram)

“First of all, you can’t come in, go out,” Keshia said as she lightly pushed one of the goats out. Her attention quickly went from the goats back to her daughter asking her what song she was playing. 

In a second clip of her adventurous life, her husband, Brad James, held up a crate that was being occupied by a raccoon. 

“Who do we call to come get this sucker?” She asked before the third clip made its way onto the screen. 

Closing off the chaotic video, Keshia and Brad went to check in on their chickens as well as their chickens’ eggs.

 “We go to check on my girls, get the eggs.” Brad said before opening up his window and seeing there were no eggs in sight.

It appeared as though the eggs were eaten by their pet snake. Shocked by the event, Keshia accidentally let out a curse word.

“He ate all of the God d–m eggs. I don’t if I’m supposed to say that.” 

Although the snake might have eaten all of the eggs, Keshia noted her relief that the chickens were still alive. 

“I’m just happy he didn’t eat the chicken.”

As the reel entertaining video came to an end, Keshia wrote “So this is real life at our house!! I promise I can’t make this ish up. It’s never a dull moment on the farm… I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” as her caption. 

Fans of Keshia were very amused by the video and couldn’t help but send over laughing emojis. 

“Sis, you better than me! I’d be making my way back to Jersey! [laughing emoji]”

“From the goats hanging with Ella to the raccoons, then the snake?!? What network am I watching??”

“I’ll take $500 for the city life Alex! I can’t do snakes at all [laugh emoji]”

Looks like Keshia can add “farmer” on her résumé to go along with being an actress and full-time mommy. 

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