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‘This is Adorable and Hilarious Both at the Same Time!’: Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Fans Get a Kick Out of the Actress and Her Daughter Attempting to Catch ‘Loose’ Chickens

Keshia Knight Pulliam had fans in hysterics on March 20 after revealing her chickens were on the loose in what appears to be her Atlanta residence

In the Instagram video, Pulliam’s 5-year-old daughter Ella Grace Hartwell attempts to catch one of the two chickens as the actress records the pair’s progress. 

Keisha Knight Pulliam left fans in tears after sharing a video of her daughter Ella Hartwell catching chickens. @keishaknightpulliam/Instagram

As the preschooler runs after the chickens, Pulliam says, “Come on we gon get this chicken.” Throughout the video, Hartwell is heard saying, “come on, girl” while trying to grab the chicken. 

The video continues with one of the chickens getting stuck in the fence and “The Cosby Show” star picking it up and gently tossing it to the other side. At the same time, while Pulliam was seen throwing the chicken and the animal flapped its wings, Hartwell commented, “Oh, he flew.” 

The clip ends with Hartwell running after the other loose chicken. In addition to the video, Pulliam wrote in the caption, “The chickens are on the loose!! #SundayFunday.” As fans viewed the star’s upload, many brought up various subjects that ranged from the chickens’ speed to Pulliam tossing the chicken. 

“Those little suckers are fast.”

“Hilarious the chicken running from her.”

“Those chickens move fast!”

“Baby girl said it flew not knowing Mommy tossed it (laughing emoji).”

“Lmao just tossed the chicken.”

Among the previous remarks, an Instagram user brought up how Pulliam’s daughter reminded them of the actress when she was younger and starring on “The Cosby Show.”

That person stated, “This is adorable and hilarious both at the same time!!! She reminds me of you at that age on the Cosby Show!!! Love her!!!”

This isn’t the first time Pulliam and Hartwell had fans seeing double. Last July, while taking a photo shoot in her living room with her daughter, fans couldn’t help but bring up the resemblance.

She captioned the upload, “Let’s take photos in the living room… my response ok!!!”

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