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‘He Was So Mad at Her’: Brandi Maxiell Claims Her Husband Wanted to Slap Iyanla Vanzant After 2018 Appearance on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

Brandi Maxiell appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” in 2018, where she sought marital advice from spiritual life coach and author Iyanla Vanzant. During the episode, the “Basketball Wives” star talked about the trials and tribulations in her marriage with former NBA player Jason Maxiell. The couple has been together since Brandi’s junior year in high school, and married in 2010. Brandi admitted she was aware of her husband’s infidelity, but she wasn’t aware he had cheated more than 50 times in their marriage. 

Brandi opened up about her “Iyanla” experience during an interview on :DeDe’s Dope Podcast” last month. However, the reality star said her husband was bothered by the experience, where he confessed to sleeping with 341 women. 

He Was So Mad at Her': Brandi Maxiell Claims Her Husband Wanted to Slap Iyanla Vanzant After 2018 Appearance on 'Iyanla: Fix My Life'
“Basketball Wives” star Brandi Maxiell poses with her husband, Jason Maxiell, and their 11-year-old son, Jason Maxiell II. (Photo: @branidmaxiell/Instagram.)

“When that happened, it was like Jason was so mad at that lady,” said Brandi at the 4:30 mark. “He was like, ‘I wanted to slap the f— out of her,’ because it was so aggressive. It was so much. He was so mad at her.”

The 39-year-old said it was shockingly “weird” that Jason could reveal the number of women he’s cheated with. Looking back, she claims he was unhappy with his portrayal on “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

“It was just the perception, the edit of how it was and everything. I mean to know my husband, he’s a good guy. Yeah, he f—-d up, and yeah, I made him pay for it. But at the same time, we worked so hard at that,” she explained. “I was humiliated, I’m not gonna lie.”

During the episode, Iyanla suggested the retired athlete was a “sex addict” and raised questions about his relationship with his father and his drinking.

“And one thing that I did learn from her is that she was like, ‘It’s something deeper. He needs to know his father; he needs counseling,’ ” said Brandi. “It was drinking…and then two, he was retired. He didn’t know how to handle that.”

Doing “Iyanla: Fix My Life” was the last option for Brandi, who considered leaving the marriage but thought of their 11-year-old son, Jason Maxiell II. With tools from Vanzant and additional marriage counseling, the Maxiells were able to repair their relationship.

 “It was so many things and so many elements in his life, she was like, ‘Brandi, before you walk out the door, do this first. Don’t close the door yet. Do this first.’ And I did it….” Brandi shared.

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