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‘You Don’t Have to Shrink Yourself to be Good at Your Role’: LeToya Luckett Opens Up About How Exiting Destiny’s Child Affected Her Confidence

Singer LeToya Luckett spoke out about her exit from the group Destiny’s Child with singers Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland. Luckett was a guest on the “Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast” on April 7 and was asked about her experience with the group.

After the “Bills, Bills, Bills” singer was asked about her greatest lesson learned during her time with Destiny’s Child and what she would tell her younger self, Luckett responded with candor.

LeToya Luckett
Febr. 11, 2022 — LeToya Luckett on Instagram. (Photo: @letoyaluckett)

“With a lot of partnerships, we lose ourselves to become one,” said Luckett. “With DC, my role was like, the soprano, or whatever. So, coming out of DC, that was the only thing I thought I could sing.”

Luckett also said she felt like she’d sacrificed herself for the good of the group, which affected her self-confidence. “For so long, I felt like I had sacrificed myself for the greater good. It did something to my confidence.”

The singer continued to say she would tell her younger self to remain confident, that she mattered and not to lose herself. “I think that that would be the one thing that I would tell my younger self is ‘Don’t lose yourself, baby. You still matter. Still remain confident in who God created you to be and the gift that he gave you. You don’t have to shrink yourself to be good at your role.”

“I learned so much from that situation,” she continued. “And gratefully, we’re all still really cool. It’s beautiful that after so many years, the love is still there.”

The singer also credited the group for teaching her self-worth. “Destiny’s Child taught me to value my self worth and gave me a lifelong sisterhood”

Fans responded to the interview, and many understood and noted that they understood where Luckett was coming from in terms of lowering oneself.

“So dope I felt that like younger me I love you girl and you gonna be ok,” replied on fan.

“Dang I felt that,” wrote another fan. “Fine inside and out!!! This cut though!!!

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