‘I’m Tired of Usher Having 2 Defend His Title’: Tamar Braxton Poses Controversial Prompt for Fans to Name Artists Who Sing Better Than Usher

Tamar Braxton has launched social media into another great debate.

On July 26, the “Love and War” singer posed a prompt imploring passionate R&B fans to pit their favorite vocalists against crooner Usher. “Name a male singer that sings better than usher…” wrote Braxton on Twitter.

Tamar Braxton and Usher. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram, @usher/Instagram)

Across social media, music fans jumped at the opportunity to place their bid for their favorites singers. “They be acting like Joe “full chest ministries” Thomas don’t exist and I have a whole issue with that,” tweeted singer-songwriter Durand Bernard.

“Its actually a few but Usher is a better artist because he is more entertaining,” commented an individual who opted out of listing names.

“The dude in jail, D’Angelo, Miguel,” someone else wrote.

“Luther Vandross. Thick & Small,” commented another person.

At least one person questioned if Braxton was sneakily fishing to see which male vocalist would make for a good collaboration. “You tryna put them on your album or sumN?? cause imma have to say Giveon,” tweeted the individual.

Other individual who responded to the post by declaring there was no such thing as an artist who outsings the “Confessions” superstar. “Chris brown does not sing better than usher for you children because us grown folks no,” commented one person.

“NObody. In my Keith sweat voice,” and “Is this a rhetorical question?” wrote others.

“I don’t like the phrase “better” than Usher. Im tired of Usher having 2 defend his title the last few wks. Ppl who sing jus as good, Sisqo, Jamie Foxx, Tank, Luke James, Avery Wilson, Tyrese, Johnny Gill,” tweeted a person fed up with chatter pitting other artists against Usher.

Fans suggesting the “Run It” singer could hold his own against Usher is not a new conversation. For more than a year, fans of the singers have pitted them against one another in hopes of seeing them appear on “Verzuz.” Even Brown has been outspoken in saying that if he were to compete in a “Verzuz,” the person he would most like to go toe-to-toe with is the “U Got it Bad” singer. Usher, however, is not interested.

“It’s not official, no, we’re not doing it that. But I can appreciate what I see,” said Usher of speculative conversations surrounding a potential Verzuz appearance. “Nah, there’s no ‘Verzuz.’ I don’t think y’all ready for nothing like that. You might be ready for something like that on stage, maybe in the future. Stay tuned,” he added.

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