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‘It’s My Leg, It’s My Sister’: Ray J Says Brandy Was ‘Uneasy’ Learning He Tattooed Her Face on His Thigh

Ray J could not be any more unbothered by people criticizing his new tattoo.

The singer and reality television personality recently shared that he permanently inked his love for his sister Brandy on his body for a second time. The new body art is located on his thigh and features a portrait of the “Almost Doesn’t Count” singer. Across her forehead reads best friends, elsewhere on her face it reads “4 Ever” and “From Ray With Love,” her eyes appear bloodshot and she has two lines that run from her lower lip to her chin. 

?That Ain?t Brandy?: Brandy Fans Tell Ray J to 'Cut It Out' After He Debuts New Face Tattoo of His Sister
Ray J gets another Brandy Tattoo but many express they aren’t a fan of the design.Photo:@rayj/Instagram

The sweet gesture was met with mixed reactions from fans. Speaking with TMZ, Ray J shared the hot takes on his tattoo haven’t impacted him at all. “It’s my leg, it’s my sister,” said Ray J. He went on to admit that even Brandy was unsure about the tattoo. “She was a little uneasy about it, but if you check out Mashkow page, he’s one of the dopest and it’s hard to get him to tat you. It’s like he’s booked for two years, right? I like the tattoo,” said the “Sexy Can I” singer.

Graffiti tattoo artist Mashkow is known for his realistic portraits of celebrities. His signature is the red eyes and words written across their face. “That’s his style. I can’t tell an artist not to put his signature on it,” said Ray J when asked about his sister’s eyes appearing bloodshot.  He went on to state, “But I love my sister, and that was just a symbol of me saying thank you for putting me in. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here. I’m humbled just to have her just help me.”

As for naysayers dogging his ink … Ray J hits back with love. “No haters. If you a hater it’s OK,’cause real love, love is love. Love kills hate. I love my sister. She didn’t like that tattoo either. She was a little worried. It’s growing on me. But when you see my whole leg you’ll understand, I mean the whole leg down to the ankle,” he added.

Ray J has yet to reveal what other notable faces may appear on his leg. He did, however, reveal the completed piece will feature music, love, scriptures, the vocal bible, family, ghosts, positive words and themes. According to the singer, the work of art will be “real gothic like—“THE HOLY LEG!!””  

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