‘Glad Jenn Left That Alone Cuz He’s KNOT Wassup’: Jennifer Williams Reacts to News About Her Ex-Husband, Eric Williams, and His New Fiancée, Fans Chime In

Who remembers the viral “Basketball Wives” scene between Jennifer and Eric Williams? The former couple were married for 10 years and went through a divorce during their time on the VH1 series. During the Aug. 8 season finale, Eric aggressively threw a drink in his estranged wife’s face after she threw a drink at his back. Jennifer admitted later she provoked Eric, but fans have never let the former NBA star forget the shocking moment.

Photos of Eric and his new fiancée were recently shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Sunday, July 17. According to the outlet, Eric is now a farmer and engaged to a mystery woman, who posed in one photo showing off her diamond engagement ring. The duo also took a photo and video of themselves eating apples.

Glad Jenn Left That Alone Cuz He's KNOT Wassup': Jennifer Williams Reacts to News About Her Ex-Husband, Eric Williams, and His New Fianc?e, Fans Chime In
Jennifer Williams reacts to news about her ex-husband, Eric Williams, and his new fiancée.(Photos: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram, @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

“Congrats,” replied Jennifer in the comments with one laughing emoji. Many were shocked to learn about Eric’s latest career choice and mentioned Jennifer’s glow-up since their divorce.

“I remember this episode like yesterday! I low-key felt bad for her so badly.”

“Idk why but I jus cackled for a good 18 minutes behind this.”

“God spint the block for Jennifer … it pays to stay classy sometimes…”

“He looks a mess and Jennifer looks bomb asf til this day!”

“He damn near drowned Jenn with a martini glass of liquor.”

One fan mentioned that Eric “looks better” with a full head of hair after appearing on “Basketball Wives” in the early 2010’s as a baldy. Many also commented on his large white teeth including one person who said, “One thing…these teeth still teethin!!” But most made jokes about the lump on Eric’s forehead that formed into a keloid after he was stabbed, as he previously discussed.

One person said, “Chileeee please. Glad Jenn left that alone cuz he’s KNOT wassup.” Another said, “Definitely knot surprised.” A third person wrote, “A lil farmer lol. Knotty by nature.”

Fans also brought up Nicki Minaj‘s 2012 song, “Roman Reloaded,” where she referenced Eric’s head. At the end of verse two, she raps, “More knots than Eric on “Basketball Wives.”

One person added in the comments, “We do KNOT care.”

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