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‘Whatever You Call That, CUT IT OUT’: Ray J Posts Clip of Daughter Melody Shutting Down His Attempt to Sing

Ray J’s fans aren’t the only ones left unimpressed by his recent attempts at proving he can actually sing.

Even the “One Wish” singer’s eldest child has had it with him blasting her eardrums with his vocals. Ray shared what could have been an adorable bonding moment with Melody, 4, on social. In the video he is seen hanging out with Melody as she plays. But things took a left turn when Ray began to sing loudly, “And you’ll finally see we’re together.”

Ray J and Melody
Ray J and Melody. (Photo: @rayj/Instagram, @princesslove/Instagram)

The adorable toddler wasted no time attempting to put a stop to her dad’s singing. “Stop screaming, Dada. Dada, stop screaming,” said Melody.

“I was singing,” responded Ray J with a straight face. Melody responded, “Dada, stop singing.”

“You don’t like it?” asked Ray J. When she responded, “Yeah,” Ray asked for clarification just to be certain his daughter was knocking his impromptu vocals. “Yeah, you like it, or yeah you don’t?” he asked. With zero hesitation she responded, “Yeah, I don’t like it.” Ray hilariously captioned the video “Dang Melz! Lol – Gonna take a lot longer than I thought! – Back to @vocalcoachnorwood – (Ray just give it up) NO!!!!!!” 

“She said whatever you call that, CUT IT OUT. LMAOOOOO [laughing emoji] #TilMyBabiesBornnn,” commented a fan in reaction to the post.

“One thing certain is kids are going to be upfront and tell you how they feel.”

“Give it up Ray we still luv u,” commented another.

In recent weeks, Ray has made it a point to posts several comical videos online in an effort to prove to fans that he can not only hear what key he should be in, but he is also capable of holding a note. His efforts at a “Redemption” are a result of the tragic vocals he displayed while appearing on “Verzuz.”

Other fans were instead smitten by the resemblance Melody shares with her mother Princess Love. Ray J and his wife of six years also have an equally adorable son, Epik Ray Norwood.

“OMG why she steal her moms whole face…sheesh,” wrote one person.

Others commented, “She sound just like Princess,” and “She’s so beautiful like her Momma.”

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